Saturday, August 6, 2016

i had this dream last night

That I was walking down an Altadena street, one I'd never walked before, with some guy -- a hybrid or tri-bred of guys I've known. And the trees were full of fruit. So much fruit, the sidewalks were littered with plums and oranges and apples. My friend picked an orange from a tree. "Do you think they'll mind?" I asked. But how could they, as there was so much, everywhere. 

My friend offered me a bite of the orange, and it was sweet. Now, though, I wanted an apple, the apples were very apple-y, red and perfectly shaped. But the first bite of the first apple tasted like water. I picked up another from the ground, a red-delicious, and after one disappointing bite, dropped it to the ground. 

All the bushes and flowers were green and flowering. A butterfly bush formed purple flowers right before our eyes.

Isn't that amazing, I said. Every other place around us has turned brown. But we, we 're in bloom. 

Then I saw a macintosh apple under the red delicious tree. Oh, what I wanted -- that macintosh.  I crawled on my belly under the prickly branches and stretched out my hand, touched it with my fingers, coaxed it towards me ... 

And something woke me up, so that was that.