Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Soccer in America

I don't know anything about FIFA, do you? Or soccer, for that matter. Other than, there are guys like this who run it

And guys like this who play it.

And people like us (no picture available) who watch it.

We, as a group, hung out at a pub for the World Cup series last summer. We didn't really understand the finer points -- kicks, goals, flags and such. I'm talking men and women spectators, here -- we all shared the same dark.

"Hey, who won?"

"Someone won?"



"Maybe it started with a Q."

"Quazar? Quickstar? Something like that?"

"Well, someone won. A toast -- beer all around! More pizza?"

But in the end, we all appreciated the same thing, what soccer has to offer. As a sport, dare I say it -- as an art. What these players work, dedicate their lives to, and what we, as barely conscious fans, wait for. That moment, that moment when ...

Luke Burbank pretty much summed it all up, and this is a quote:

"I mean, they're physically so impressive. And then every time they score a goal, they become furious at their jersey. Like it’s ... Damn you, get this off of me. And then their beauty is even more on display. And then I'm like, you know what, hold the second order of wings. Because now I see what it's supposed to look like when you're a hot dude, and it's not happening, not at this Applebee's."


  1. Americans love a good scandal more than a good soccer match. Bring it on!

  2. Jon Stewart, the anchor of the Daily Show injected a series of gags about FIFA. He also commented that “this FIFA corruption started a Jennifer Lawrence ago”, referring to the Oscar-winning actress’ age. Lol!
    Unfortunately my English is not good, so I could not understand well all the gags, because in this video there are no subtitle available in Portuguese...
    Anyway, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2KmwpYZfRY

  3. Soccer is never a big story out here, and rarely a story at all. But now it is, because as Earl says, we may not know anything about red cards, but we do love a scandal.

  4. Sonia, don't feel bad, he talks fast!

  5. We do love a good scandal. Soccer...not so much, save the parents who are all convinced that their darling child will win a soccer scholarship to college and thus save the parents the uncomfortable reality of saving up 100 grand...except that it never works out...

    Loved Sonia's link!

  6. I can't in good conscience enjoy my chips when watching football. Which is why I prefer American football.

  7. In order to blend in next time you're watching a game always call it football and it's just the world cup....no series!!!

  8. Point taken, YAH, but I'm afraid it's hopeless. I was in a taxi a couple of months ago, and the driver was originally from Mexico. As it was a fairly long ride, to pass the time, I asked what he thought about the World Cup last summer, and told him I was a big Neymar fan. He rolled his eyes. "Neymar? Always acting. If someone touches him, he cries."

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  10. My new apartment has a view of a soccer field.

    The players are fanatics, out in all weather--and, believe me, Chicago has ALL weather.

  11. Great post! (altho I know very little about soccer)

  12. Yes, attempting to foil Russia's 2018 sponsorship of the World Cup is scandalous.

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    1. As a spectator sport, we discovered soccer truly does have something for everyone.