Monday, February 4, 2013


The tractor and I spent the weekend together. Working on our relationship. I can see where this is going -- I talk, he shuts down.

We tried sharing some activities, walking, mainly. I can push all his buttons, yet still can't see the big picture.

Because why? Because, on top of all his other demands, this spoiled baby has a lens cap. Ooooh, I can't get an image until you take my cap off. Ooooh, brrr, we're finished, you need to put my cap on again. Off, on; off, on. Holy mother of god, what fresh hell is this?

So let's take a seat and listen to some music, shall we? I cued this up once, in a different relationship, during a romantic moment.

He said, "That's beautiful."

And I said, "Really?"

And he said, "I recognize this; it's one of my favorites."

And I said, "Lakme?"

And he said, "Like you? I love you. And I love this music. It's from one of the best Lexus commercials ever. Play it again."

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who believe it's all about the journey, and those who believe it's all about the destination. I say, any road is the perfect road if it takes you where you want to go.


  1. You and your new albatross are doing fine. That's a nice picture. More than nice. It's evocative.

    I do know what you mean about the weight around the neck.

  2. Hahaha! Too funny. At least the man remembered the commercial ;) I take it that was the last date you had with him?

  3. I recognize that tune. I really can't count the number of classical melodies that I will always associate with Saturday morning cartoons. I just can't take them seriously, my mind's eye keeps seeing various characters and animals in various states of hyperactivity.

    Lovely photo at the top, I tried to imagine who might be found sitting there, listening to the Flower Duet, waving a fan and dressed in batiste and lace...

  4. Patience . . . patience . . . the tractor can be demanding, but put a lens-cap leash on him, and he'll be fine.

  5. The Flower Duet will forever be associated with British Airways. A very successful advertising tune. Lens caps are soo annoying. But your photo's quite the work of art.

  6. 1. I like the photo. We can't have enough empty chairs . . .

    2. Can it be true that you're even more un-mechanical than I am?

    3. I thought it was only fat ladies who did such singing.

  7. Georgia, truth in advertising, no. What can I say? He had good taste in commercials.

    Paula, I shot the Wabbit, I shot the Wabbit..

    John, you're right. All he needs is training.

    Bellis, there was a time in the 90s when the Flower Song was selling everything from butter to shampoo to international travel.

    Banjo, maybe you and I should start an empty chair meme.

  8. A very pretty picture. I've missed your wit.

  9. I like you, too.

  10. Beautiful the flower dueto. So romantic the picture.

  11. You've got me thinking again...

  12. My father was all about following the yellow line and seeing where it goes. Me, I found the perfect destination. And I hope you and the new beastie are communicating perfectly soon, with the help of a lens cap leash (which they probably have at Amazon; after all, Jeff Bezos has everything else). Beautiful photo; I need me some photoshop to make my pictures more interesting like that.

  13. I had always thought that the destination was the thing, but now, 3/4 of a century on the way, always savoring and absorbing what I could, I think that the road itself is my destination. And since I had cataract surgery 24+ hours ago, I have just realized that I have been looking at the world through dim gold-colored glasses for who knows how long. My destination just got brighter and fuller! Now all I need is another camera, though not a tractor.

  14. Ah yes, the lens cap. Another reason to go small.

    Beautiful music - for a second there, I thought someone had recorded me in the shower.

  15. Yes, the lens cap thing can get annoying if you don't have a leash.

    But you and the tractor created a beautiful photo together -- a new duet.

  16. I rarely bothered with the lens cap with my old "tractor" with the new lenses...I'm a faithful lens cap's not so bad...and they so like being taken care of!!!

  17. Bayside, you've been missed!
    Sonia, hope that tune hasn't been used to push laundry detergent in your neck of the woods.
    Kenny Mac, about lens caps?
    Marjie, I really like hearing your stories about the early years, how you took a tough upbringing to figure out what would make you happy. Oh, and try Picasa.
    Carolynn, I know what you mean. How can I sound so good in there and nowhere else?
    Ms M, I leaned a little too heavily on the Picasa.
    Chieftess, I'm not one who likes taking care of things.

  18. Lakeme - like you - love you - Lexus

    thats pretty funny

    Water comes to mind for me. Less spring and more like Monet's Water Lilly paintings. Those large canvases he painted from his garden - towards the end of his life

  19. Oh my. Too funny. Be grateful for the positive qualities. All of us spend too much time on those negatives--

  20. PS: I've already sworn to come back in a future life as an opera singer.
    Like Dudley Moore's "Bewitched" I'm sure there's some downside to this arrangement--

  21. Love this photo. Once you and the albatross inevitably part ways (at least on a daily basis), you should keep him around for an occassional romp. (I once sang the Flower Duet - well, one half at least... It was a moment that transported me. Now, apparently, I can be transported in a Lexus, for the same thrill.)

  22. I'm not sure when it was written, PA, but definitely impressionistic.

    Des, BeDAZZLED. Great movie. Remember the nuns?

    Adele, you can this?

  23. After watching Bugs Bunny conduct the London Philharmonic, I really want to watch the Little Rascals in the Nutcracker scene but sadly it's not available.

    I hope you and the tractor are having a wonderful weekend together.

  24. A beautiful and dreamy photo!
    I'm still dragging a tractor around with me...

  25. This afternoon when I heard the Flower Duet, I realized with a laugh that from now on I'll associate it with the clueless Mr. Lexus.