Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scene to warm a cold and windswept night

This is Sonia's mother before she was Sonia's mother. I asked to borrow the portrait because I think it goes very well with this piece below (sorry for the angry Beethoven face, but you'll hear Glenn Gould).

I liked Sonia the day we virtually met. We have so much in common. She loves dogs and I love dogs. Her dog died the year my dog died. She works in communications, I work in communications. She speaks English, I speak English. She speaks Portuguese, I speak English. She lives in a tropical paradise, I speak English. Her house cozies up to a Brazilian seashore, I speak English. Well, this could just go on and on forever, couldn't it.

Her mother was an accomplished pianist. Sonia remembers her mother playing many pieces of course, but most of all, Scriabin. Scriabin! I must say, it makes me swoon to think one could have a mother who would gather the family in the drawing room in a house in Brasil and play for them Scriabin.

Thank you for letting me borrow your mom and your blog, Sonia. Obrigada.


  1. you've changed


  2. That photo definitely fits the music. What a talented lady to be able to play what sounds to me, something that took hours to master.

  3. I had to look up Scriabin since I'd never heard of him. He was described a either a genius or madman. After listening to Scriabin play Scriabin, I would say both. Not to my taste or liking.

    I'm very glad you speak and write English.

  4. Gorgeous--
    Envy--it goes on forever.

  5. I agree, Scriabin is challenging, and I suspect his later pieces require a substantial musical background and education. But his early pieces are accessible, so try this one:
    Scriabin romance

  6. What a great and lovely surprise, Karin! Love so very much this post!! Thank you!!
    Certainly my mother would be grateful and proud to see her photo at the piano and reading your lovely words, as I do.
    Me too, Karin, I liked you the day we virtually met and yes, we have so much in common.
    And many thanks for the link to my blog!

    Very beautiful this music by Beethoven, Karin! I also love so much Glenn Gould, he was a genius!
    I think that Glenn Gould had some in common with you and me...
    To see, please, click Here.

  7. Sonia's blog has warmed th cockles of my heart - and my toes and fingers. This wind is icy.

  8. Karin, the music you choose, "Scriabin Romance", is really beautiful, love it!

  9. I love old pictures like that. They are so much more precious than the ones nowadays, where we click off 427 pictures per hour with our digital everythings. And I'm glad to have you confirm that you speak English, although I had suspected as much.

  10. I love Sonia! You must ask for photos of much missed Flora.

  11. That photo is timeless, and speaks English and every other language to the mysteries of childhood.


  12. I love Sonia's blog too. (another blog I envy!)
    You two have "virtually met". Have y'all also actually met??

  13. I adored Sonia the day we virtually met as well. She's wonderful and talented with a big generous heart. Yes, you do have a lot in common. Love the picture of her mom!

  14. Mom played great carols on the 24th... then up to bed.

  15. I think I could adore Sonia. Anyone who features an entire post on Carmen Miranda is quite alright with me. :)

  16. Sonia is a a bright light. Have you seen her post today? Another vintage shot of a different lovely girl.

  17. This is such a lovely post...! I too, LOVE Sonia...and felt that way froim Day 1!!!
    Love the picture of Sonia's Mom...and I agree---A Mother who can play Scriabin....WOW!!!!
    This is really really sweet!

  18. Dear Karin, your post brought to me so much joy "alegria" and emotion! Muito obrigada!
    Such lovely and affectionate, "carinhosos" comments warms my heart more than I can say. Thanks so much to all of you! It would be such an honor and a pleasure to meet you all in person someday.

  19. Karin, you put into words what I feel about Sonia myself. She is surely one of the best friends I've made in the virtual world. Sometimes I feel like I know her better than my neighbours down the street because she has revealed so much about her life and family in her blog.

    I'm very pleased to meet you too today. And thank you for the link to Sonia's post about her mum. It was written before I met her.

  20. Yeah, we'll my mom could make tuna casserole.

  21. What a fabulous photo and story of Sonia's mom! She must have been a very accomplished musician to play Scriabin. And Glenn Gould is always amazing to hear.

    Thank you, Sonia, for sharing. :-)

  22. Marjie & YAH & Susan C, yes, there's so many things I like about this photo. The scuffed floor, scrubbed wainscoting, open window, and the little girl's expression -- direct yet enigmatic.

    Bellis, if this weather keeps up, maybe we should fly down to Rio by the Sea-o.

    CP, not yet.

    Ken, I met Sonia via your blog.

    Lady of the Hills, Hi, and yes, wow.

    Georgia, nice to meet you, too.

    Margaret, nothing wrong with a good tuna casserole.

    Ms M, did you hear Gould humming in the background?

  23. Yes, I've noticed he does that. It adds an unusual "spice" to the whole performance, doesn't it....

  24. I'm enjoying Sonia's romp through the great modernist architects. What fabulous photos. I put them on my Face book page. I remember hearing about the city of Brasilia and what a failure these experiments were in architecture - by the late great and cranky Robert Hughes on his bps series "Shock of the New"

    he was wrong