Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm not that person, until I am

I'm not a dog-rescue type person, we're not the same breed. I'm an "Oh fuck, you're a stray; I'm going to close my eyes and count to ten until you disappear" sort of person.

It a technique that works, often enough.

The rescue people, well, they're much better than I, and I've already signed over my frequent-flyer heaven miles so they can get there first class. Enjoy their sparkling wines, cocktails at take-off, booties, blinkers, and thin mints.

Still, when I find a dog, the rescue people are really hard to get a hold of, they never call back. But then, they're not in the business of rescuing me, extricating me from my problem, are they?

I so reluctantly rise to an animal rescue occasion that it barely counts. When I take action, it's not rescue, but beaten down resignation. And then I pester people, those who actually own the dog, for instance, to do the right thing.

And when they don't or won't or can't, well, I've absorbed at various times in my life, three dogs, a rabbit, two birds.

And now, there's this girl.

And I like this girl. I like her a lot. Because she's smart and has party manners. She may be fat, but she never steals cake or swipes the crumbs off the sideboard. Her toilet etiquette is above reproach. And she's the perfect hostess, welcomes all the party guests. She keeps herself tidy, gloves clean, always smiling, always sweet.

Lily will curl up on the sofa, waiting for me to turn on the TV so we can watch her favorite episode of Animal Planet. But I don't have a TV, and Lily is too polite to point that out.

Lily jumps over the five-foot wall into my yard, and then out, in and out again, with equal enthusiasm. That's the problem. I don't necessarily want to keep her out, but I can't keep her in.

Neighbors now know, if Lily is trolling the hood, take her to Karin's place. Their absolution waits at the little house on Athens. Wouldn't I do the same thing given the chance,in a heartbeat. Because none of us want to see Lily picked up by the pound. It would be a death sentence. She has no collar or chip, only a gentle disposition.

Lily's owner doesn't want her. But Lily doesn't know that. She's excited to go back home after her night on the town and supper with the handsome, dimwit Albert. "Ok," she says, standing by my front door, "I'm ready to go now. I guess my ride is late, so you'll have to drive."

What to do. What to do.


  1. Seriously, her owner doesn't want her? She's every person's dream of a perfect dog...Or do u just think she is holding out for the dog porn channel? btw, I have yet to come across a dog, cat to rescue.. now, there is that bunny who is in my backyard and loves to hop and keep me guessing wtf he's at. :-)

  2. I think the last picture says it all, Karin...Albert wants a baby sister. Lily looks like a real sweetheart. If her first family really doesn't want her, maybe they wouldn't mind if you put a tag on her collar that has your phone number on it, just in case she ever does end up in trouble with the law. That way, she can still come and go as she pleases and no one gets hurt.

  3. Is she just a roamed by nature? If she didn't have anywhere else to go, would she still want to leave?

  4. I don't know what to to tell you to do with Alberts latest gal he's brot home, KB. My only suggestion is to contact Tommy's servant, Susan.

  5. Oh, I think we'll leave St. Susan out of this one. She's got enough on her dog plate.

  6. I can't advise you but I know what I want you to do.

  7. I advise you to do whatever Petrea wants you to do, because I want that too. It breaks my heart that she wants to go home, and they don't want her. Maybe you can bring her to Sierra Madre for a walkabout!

  8. Let's hope someone adopts her! To keep Lily, you'd need to add a fence to your wall. It takes a few months before dogs stop visiting their previous owners and friends if they live nearby (they have no sense of ownership), but what's a few months? Have you asked Albert what to do?

  9. To protect my heart I think of Fred, who lives next door but keeps coming here, as a foster cat. He's not really ours, some days we provide him shelter and food, but we can't count on his being here. He has a place in our heart, but it can't be deep in our heart, because it would hurt too much to loose him.

  10. Albert and Lily look good together.

  11. Oh, she looks so sad in the second photo. Shall I send over the little pig who knows how to lay a house of bricks and see if he can add a few feet to that fence of yours? Albert does seem to like the company.

  12. Or I can send the house of sticks pig to basketweave something interesting for the top of your fence. The straw pig, I'm not so sure about. A bit unreliable, I've heard.

  13. She's yours now... take her in. It's a love story waiting to happen.

  14. Oh! It's so sad that Lily's owner doesn't want her... Lily looks so sweet. Sounds she has a very nice behavior, as your wrote: ... "she's smart and has party manners. She keeps herself tidy, gloves clean, always smiling, always sweet"...
    I think you may be will buy a TV to watch together her favorite episode of Animal Planet. Lol!
    Albert and Lily look good together, too.
    I think a new fence will be a solution...

  15. Boz was always upset by Animal Planet. Sometimes he would look behind the TV for the animals. When we watched "The Singing Dogs of Papua New Guinea" he howled and howled.

  16. Carolynn & Adele, Unfortunately, I'm not in a position right now to replace all my walls and fences. And I can't tag her for liability reasons.

    Margaret and Bellis, I think she is a social butterfly and has several places she visits regularly.

    Roberta, that's what it's like, all right. Tho I'm actively looking for a good home. (You have a crazy neighbor? Well so do I. And for no reason at all she's terrified of Lily.)

    Shsh, did you think of pigs because of the striking resemblance she bears to Miss Piggy?

    Sonia, that's the worst -- not just that they leave her loose, but they just don't care if she ever comes back again.

    PB, I once had a dog that did that, too. Or would back away from the set if the program featured a snake.

  17. I used to live down the street from an escape artist lab...he was quite adept at getting out of the neighbors yard to roam the neighborhood...he even jumped out of the two story window, not once, but twice!!! They built a chainlink fenced area in their back yard which he got out of...the finally turned it into a double thick chain link fence to keep him in...we lived near a major boulevard and they were merely trying to keep him safe
    ...they were great neighbors and appeared to be great dog people too...he just had the "itch" to travel!!!

    Sounds like Lily would do well somewhere where she could roam freely...

  18. Ask Babalu. Bring treats.

    PS You can always try a shock collar. I think Bayside's pupster, Dakota, has one and does just fine. I keep swearing I'm going to get one for Ranger. Wish I could tell you more cuz she's a keeper - but maybe just not exactly what you're looking for. It's tough.

  19. “A free spirit takes liberties even with liberty itself.”

  20. Lily reminds me of the "socialite cat" in one of James Herriot's stories. That cat had regular places she visited, including town meetings.
    It's a real shame her owner doesn't want her. It sounds like she would do well with someone who has property, like a ranch or farm where she could roam -- and also be trained to "help out."

  21. What do you mean you don't have a TV? How do you watch Wimbledon?

    I remember previous columns about Lily. Didn't realize her owner didn't want her. Hmmm...

    Get a TV. The she'll stay, and you can watch tennis.

  22. Your title gives your answer, I think. Could your walls and fences be added to with that 2-foot lattice or something similar? If you and your neighbors aren't sticklers for codes, maybe you could get a work party going? I volunteer.

  23. Tricky situation, and I wish you best of luck with it. Lily's a great looking critter--if your photos are true, her brown reminds me of chocolate Labs.

    About TV, I'm with Mr. Earl. Sports, National Geographic, History--I used to have guilt about TV. I've known at least a couple of people who tossed theirs--then sprinted to microphone to tell all how they'd tossed the TV. There's some quality stuff these days, tho' I proudly watch junk too. Sounds like Lily's on my side.

  24. that's tough call.

    i have a dude up here in williston, he's been tryin' to shaft me - i told him i was going to take his dog if he didn't knock it off.

    anybody want a chihuahua?

  25. Cafe, bite your tongue! Lily befriended Tommy a few weeks ago on a walk. I'm glad she didn't follow us home.

    Thank you for leaving me out of this one, Hiker. She really does look right at home with you and Albert.

  26. "The handsome dimwit Albert." Haven't we all met handsome dimwits once or twice? They can be quite charming.

  27. Home is where the heart is. Just saying...

  28. You are echoing me to a T.

    Yes, the rescue people never pick up the phone.

    A recent suggestion after taking a kitten up to the humane society - "you can leave them your number so that can call you (while the needles in the vein) for a last minute reprieve - me? I don't think so.

    And my personal favorite - the friend who puts up the daily FB tortured dog photo. And with a dire message that she will unfriend anyone who has purchased their pet from a breeder. I guess in that case, "The truth will set (me) free"......and before anyone says anything, I've always balanced my need for my dream pet with one of those unwanted creatures who show up on my doorstep. And so have you.

    Albert will be dinning with a future Boxer girl and Lilly will find a new home right for her - with a little help from her friends

  29. You have a good heart Karin! What a cutie she is. There are plenty of rescues out there who will take over. Just keep calling! Unless, she's already had her personal items shipped to your house! She looks like she belongs there. I know about the accidental rescue. We've done it five times. I'm allergic... geez!

  30. So cute . . . I'd say she's a keeper if she wasn't a runner :)

  31. Isn't it amazing how dogs and other critters can always find the love. She's a sweetheart.Can't fathom how anyone would not want her. I'm impressed that a girl of her girth can leap a five foot fence! Will Albert be sad if she leaves?

  32. Chieftess, that would be ideal.

    Paula, I think someone used that on her before. I tried to put Phoebe's old "quick release" collar on her and the poor girl screamed. Really. So I quickly released it off again.

    Earl -- online. It's all online.

    Janet, my yard is small, but I seem to have miles of fences.

    Ms M, I love Herriot. I know that story.

    Banjo, the decision was purely financial. Cable is expensive, and there's otherwise no reception. I like TV.

    Bandit, good luck. Lily has been posted everywhere, and not one nibble.

    Marjie, it's funny, because Lily likes Albert, but after a certain amount of time, he bores her.

    Rob, yeah. After some hours she really does like to go home.

    Pat, Bec, Bayside -- I'll keep trying. She's a pudge, but a strong pudge. The wall is the thing; it gives her a landing spot.

    PA knows the whole drama.

  33. she looks like she's got pit in her, she's not going to be adopted out by anyone other than a pit rescue group, and these days they are kinda full. If she's that hard to keep in a fence, she isn't going to be adopted.

    sounds like she's got manners and Albert likes her (ok, he's happy to see just about anybody, so he's not a great judge, but...).

    most pits like to be couch potatoes. really. a good cuddle/snuggle and they are set. a run around the 'hood and then food and sleep. that's it.

    Love her the best you can and let Albert have his fun...what will it hurt? ;-)

    yes, color me a sucker for a sweet pup too...we know plenty of pit mixes who just want to be loved--some of my best snugglers are pit mixes.