Thursday, February 16, 2012

I wandered lonely as a cloud

And I was so sure this was Dickinson, not Wordsworth. Whatever Dickinson could have done with this line, going forth, I would have liked it better.

I've decided to share some favorite posts of the past week or so, every so often, now and then. Five of them, perhaps. To kick this off, how about:

Kenny Mac





Ok, wait. Since this is the first time, just one more

East of West LA


  1. Marvelous photos -- and I agree that Dickinson would have created something amazing upon seeing this.

    Now I'll check out the links...

  2. It's so nice of you to include me and the Pooper.

    I enjoyed everyone's posts. I really did. Thanks.

  3. More awesome cloud shots,'re pretty good at this! And thanks so much for including me on your list - how cool is that?

  4. A Cloud withdrew from the Sky
    Superior Glory be
    But that Cloud and its Auxiliaries
    Are forever lost to me

    Had I but further scanned
    Had I secured the Glow
    In an Hermetic Memory
    It had availed me now.

    Never to pass the Angel
    With a glance and a Bow
    Till I am firm in Heaven
    Is my intention now

    (A gift from Emily)

  5. No, you can't beat Wordsworth. He shaped the Romantic Movement, and got us to appreciate a host of golden daffodils. But maybe I've been raised with William and you with Emily.

    Good fun looking at all the blogs.

    (Wow, wv has become an IQ test.)

  6. Gorgeous photos, Karin!

    It's so sweet of you for including me on your list! Thank you so much!
    I will visit other friends very soon.

  7. Gorgeous sky! And a wonderful list of posts to be introduced to! Happy Friday :D

  8. Very nice to be included with a few of my favorite bloggers as well as with some that it would behoove me to check out.

    (Is this the first time in my life that I have used the word "behoove?" Yes, it is.)

  9. Beautiful Blog Camissonia. I think I've visited you in the past. I recall a post on a Bob Cat sighting. Now that would have been my favorite

    btw: whats with the word verifications. I had to resort to the audio - which mind you is akin to something out of the exorcist

  10. Emily would have done better, no doubt. Anonymous proves that.

    PJ O'Rourke once took a stab at it, too. His second line went something to the effect of "And then I got drunk and went to Reno."

    And thanks for including me in the links. I'm off to read them all.

  11. The WVs have gotten so weird I've turned them off. Blogger's spam filter is pretty good; in a week it's caught all but one.

  12. You know, I heard some guy on the radio the other day complaining about blogger, facebook etc., in that people tend to visit those who share a similar experience and view of life. I disagree. What do these six (and the next time I post five or two or whatever)have in common other than the ability to share what it's like to walk around a bit of this world in their shoes.

  13. Great photos, Karin.

    The WV's now look like the ones on Ticketmaster.

  14. Not only is the new WV irritating, it has robbed us of a word game. I'm turning it off too, and we'll see how it goes.

  15. Beautiful pics ~ such a peaceful vibe, which I need after spending 15 mins trying to figure out how to turn word verification off on my own blog. Yeesh.

  16. Out walking the cloud.

    Great pictures.

  17. I'm with Bellis.
    And somedays... ya just want to wander lonely as a cloud.

  18. Great idea! Thanks for the links.

  19. Purty shots. These days I'd usually choose Emily (maybe not this one), but WW was important to me too, still is.

  20. Wonderful shots Hiker!!! And I enjoyed checking out the links!!!
    As for the didn't bother me that much until you mentioned our word game!!! Dayam!!! What fun is it now?!!!