Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let's see... and this card says...

From Santa to Margaret.

I talked to your secret Santa, the one who warms his moccasins at your tipi. He said he thought you might like the complete works of Jane Austen, first edition, delivered by Collin Firth personally.

"Oh, no no." I said. "A few lousy books and a washed up British actor for the mother of your children? The wife who just this week nursed you through a temperature of 98.68?"

So I sent him out shopping again, in spite of his 98.63 fever.

And what your Santa has for you under the tree,

is, as they say, the stuff dreams are made of.

Presents, for more of you, tomorrow.


  1. 98.68 is practially DEAD in man temp.


  2. Oh Santa how could you! Poor Margaret -- those Austen first editions would have been lovely, especially if delivered by Colin wearing that white shirt he wore into the lake. But the toaster is, um, nice.

  3. Presents? Don't go to the trouble. KB, I'll bee satisfied with just a gift card.

  4. that photo is hilarious. I am smiling..

  5. Oh, so many gifts, so little time. For Kenny, and you, and you, and you. I'll try to get to as many friends as possible over the next two days.

    Santa knows what you want, because I told him.

  6. wow, I guess I should have called in with a "man cold" Monday when my temp at the doc was 98.9!


    wv: unnedic...I'm...just...leaving...that...there

  7. I'm dreaming of a shopping spree at the Lake Street Rite Aid!

    WV: iolou. Not IOU, but I owe Lou and I'll pay him back as soon as things pick up.

  8. I wonder how many guys will be sleeping on the couch after Christmas because of toasters.

  9. Ok. Colin is not washed up! He won an academy award last year! And he is in Tinker, Tailor, blah, blah, and is supposed to be very good!

    But I appreciate your talking to Santa on my behalf. You are kind to think of me. I have high hopes. The toaster looks spectacular!!!!!!!!!!! (The exclamation points are my present for you)

  10. It's a good thing I have a roll of paper towels next to my computer because of all the computer screen cleanup I had to do while reading Margaret's letter exchanges with's morning now though so cleaning up tea instead!!!

  11. Happy Boxing Day!

    If it were a toaster oven I'd be downright jealous. But I can't knock the plain old toaster. After all, you can make pop tarts in it.