Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Night Noise

Do you know this one? I love the oboe. It plays twilight.

I'm sure Albrecht Mayer is very popular with the ladies, but this just looks nerdy to me.


  1. Lovely thing to walk up to, your photo. I love the contrast between the sky and the rocks. The texture of the sky and the rocks is delightful.

    Love the oboe, too.

    When I was a little girl, back in the happy dark ages when it was assumed all students would have access to music in the schools, I wanted to learn to play the oboe. Wasn't permitted to do so because I was to young, but later in life I played krumhorn. You could think of that as an oboe with a major attitude.

  2. Ha! wv: spurshot

    Havin' fun with that camera, aren't ya?

  3. Where are we looking here? I love the stacked rocks.

  4. Hi Earl. These were taken a few nights ago when we had those great clouds and the sunset that when from fire orange to deep red.

    LH: I had to google krumhorn. Wow, attitude indeed -- and a double reed.

    Bandit, got to admit, I'm still using the little Canon.

    Margaret, we're in the Rubio Canyon area of Altadena. I love those rocks, too. Someone or many ones have been stacking them by hand, but I've never seen them do it. The thing just grows and grows.

  5. the questions were asked and answered. What I thought too. A visual delight - this stack. The second one.

    My friend Jeanine is an oboe player. She calls it the daffy duck among instruments

  6. Very nice photos, especially that middle one. I listen to the music in just a bit.

  7. amazingly beautiful pics. occasionally Mother Nature bestows that much prettiness on LA. Glad you captured some of it!

    perhaps the contractor who hosed the canyon has penance to restore the canyon to beauty---and thus comes out to stack rocks every night?

    I love the Ravel, oboes have fascinated me but I have never played one. Though, if I had a conductor wave to me like that guy was, I'd either wave back or giggle too much to continue playing!

    wv: inarib...ma'am I'm Adam comes to mind

  8. You were in the right place at the right time with that sunset, weren't you? The photo of the rock sculpture is terrific. I love that stack, and thank goodness it's off the beaten track (well, the track is beaten but few know about it) because the stacks Leo built in Hahamongna and the Lower Arroyo were destroyed after complaints by ignorant people that they were satanic.

    Yes, the video of the oboe player in Paris is really cheesy!

  9. stonehenge.

    wv: mankific

  10. Great photos. Thanks for the music. Nice. I also like Bolero, best when played through a stereo.

  11. Oh yes, I too love those fiery clouds and the stacked rocks. What a great shot. And the video - oboist as cheesy rock star. Funny.

  12. Good lord, the quality of the video is amazing, almost equal to your photos--

  13. I love the oboe, too. It can burn the candle at both ends. When I first heard one couldn't learn the oboe too young or one's head might explode {in hindsight, that sounds somewhat melodramatic but it had the desired effect}, it gave me a whole new respect for oboists.

  14. Gorgeous photos. Breathtaking, really. And someone should tell Albrecht that Picasso called; he wants his shirt back.

  15. Gorgeous photos, Karin!
    The sky and the rocks are stunning!

    I will listen Ravel and see Albrecht Mayer video soon.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  17. Love the photos! My daughter plays the Oboe. I always thought that oboes look like bongs...

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