Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mud Wrestling -- be there

Occasionally I revert to the bad-temper and cynicism of my youth. This has been known to happen when I visit my siblings, for example, or after losing a tennis match.

Or when I attend civic meetings, particularly when the meeting is held on a weekend in the early morning at a high school cafeteria and I’m sitting in one of those cement-like student chairs, about to endure an endless lecture and power point presentation. Oh my god, it’s Saturday and I’m back in detention all over again.

This past weekend LA County held a public forum regarding plans for the massive removal of acres of sediment in Hahamonga,

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  1. Ah, now I understand where these governmental blunders come from - from your article; "the consultant group spearheading the county's Environmental Impact Report"

    Consulting - If you're not part of the solution, there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem.

  2. "jammed up my arroyo" - classic!

  3. Isn't that a tactic they use in prison?

    Stay strong.

  4. And the battle continues!
    I'm don't hate all goverment, but I do hate idiots...

  5. Since your asking, I think tree.

    wv: midstrep

  6. Maybe an adjustment is appropriate here:
    Since you are asking, I think three.

  7. I'd find it hard not to heckle churlishly from the bleachers in frustration. I'd probably stamp my foot, too. So it's just as well I can't be there or I'd just embarrass those who are better equipped to negotiate such things. Keep fighting the good fight, KB.

  8. Rob! So true. If you're not part of the solution, you're a consultant.

    Tony, that has been discussed.

    Bandit: Well of course, it's from Patrizzi.

    Kaori, I wouldn't know. Anything you want to tell us?

    Cafe, ok.

    Pat, I've always avoided governments of all kinds. I feel I've been shamed into this one.

    Shell, yeah, I'm kind of in awe of the people who are doing the heavy-lifting here.

  9. Fight on! But I'm with Shell: it would have been hard not to heckle. "I got your sensory receptors right here!"

  10. Speaking of tempers and sports, have you seen the videos and heard the (endless) commentaries about the 49ers' coach Harbaugh and the Lions' Swartz nearly coming to blows last Sunday?

    And speaking of cement-hard chairs, what other obvious hindrances to education could probably be taken care of with a little thought and not much money? Oh, sure, students are just a bunch of spoiled brats, and now they want cushions. (Unlike Congress?)

  11. Well, it's probably fun to rant just for the entertainment value of saying "Hahamonga!"

    And I really don't think we need more public work projects going on. Government needs to let some things be. It'll make us property owners (taxpayers) happier, too.

  12. Why not:

    “Fucking politicians”.

  13. Banjo: The 49er-Lions game was great. One of the best games I've seen. I was in the Bay Area and watched the whole thing. It's surprising to me how the handshake incident silenced all talk of the actual game.

  14. Took me years to spell it, Marjie.

  15. Mr. E: I don’t understand why you’re not focused on champions league, which really are the big trophy (cup) here.

    Now we are talking the soccer play.

  16. I'm so impressed with the Hahamongna heavy hitters, too. Maybe next meeting I'll donate my 3minutes to them.