Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Walk a mile in my shoes

Because the cyclists elected me prom queen, I’ve temporarily moved my base of operations to another location. Won’t say where it is, but here’s a hint: There’s no graffiti, no bikes, and almost no hikers but me.

It has been my habit, on the way up the trail, to listen to a local public radio station.

One in particular offers PRI The World, a program that covers international events with real live correspondent-feet on the ground. The host, Lisa Mullins, has – bar none – the best radio voice extant, it’s like an oboe or viola, painting the daily picture in moderate, calm notes. No hysteria in the upper registers.

But this local radio station also produces a few of its own shows – shows which seem to have ambitions beyond the Pasadena stage. In the wake of a major international event, they try to elbow their way inside, with seemingly no budget and no foreign correspondents.

So when the story in Libya first broke, for example, their solution was to interview anyone who had ever visited, known, or seen a Libyan. Bonus points if they could spell Khadafy. (Aside: Bonus points to me if I can spell Libya.)

During this latest market crisis, the local news readers, thirsting for a piece of the action, break in every fifteen minutes to breathlessly pinpoint where in the hell we can now find our handbasket.

They can take a hike. Just not where I hike. But you can come along.

And listen to this, instead.

Or this.


  1. Agree with you about her radio voice - she was born for that job. But the GeoQuiz? Because I'm super competitive it sort of kills me to admit that I never come up with the right answer! Now the Sunday Puzzler with Will Shortz - different story.

  2. I love PRI The World and Lisa Mullins! It's a great program, isn't it? Makes you feel you're right there, in Wall Street, Libya or London, while you're hiking on your peaceful trail. Glad you're no longer chancing Mt. Echo.

    Is that pool of water the last drink for dogs for the next 4 miles?

  3. Liked the Ravel at 6:40 min of the recording.

    I try to walk without the radio. Watch the dog's ears.

  4. Bellis . . . who's your friend in the photo?

  5. Yes on Lisa Mullins! Not only is her voice the best, but she's a stellar interviewer. She never lets anyone get away with One.Word.of.B.S. Terrific stuff.

    Yeah, I can do without the constant updates on our downfall. What the hell are we supposed to do? It's insanity and better ignored.

    Here's a lovely, haunting escape from the bad news:

    And my latest, favorite romp:

  6. Oh, we've got a little Lisa Mullins fan club. Bec, I never get the GeoQuiz, either. Ever.

    Bellis, yes. And I rate this hike slightly harder than Echo/Lowe, but more peaceful.

    Bandit, I agree. I like the piece further up the line. And there's more that's even better. They say the master is Thibaudet (sp?). But I'm an Argerich kind of girl.

  7. Karen, we overposted. I will definitely check out those links. And yes, you prof business writer guru, you. I'll also put my tiny portfolio in a drawer for six months, a year; but someone save us from all the minute-by-minute hysteria.

  8. Knew and have liked again the first piece. Did not know the Ravel or Lisa Mullins. Now I'm interested in both. What's the best way to catch some of Lisa Mullins? YouTube?

  9. There's a daily podcast here:

    Now, I have to go to the blackboard and write one hundred times: L-I-B-Y-A.

  10. You're knew trail maybe a hard road, KB, butt that's why its the road less traveled - as eye wood call it.

  11. gorgeous
    I'm a sentimental sucker for both of those--

  12. You just solved a great mystery for me. I've never known who composed the first piece in your "listen selection" I have slowed movie credits down in a failed attempt at discovering the composer of said score. Took a trip to wiki; fascinating. Seriously, this is the best thing that happened today.

    Sorry the bikers hate you. I'm more sorry I didn't increase my audience by flaming them

  13. You did spell Gadaffi correctly, er, Qadaffi, er, Kadaffi. Oh, let's just call him Colonel.

    The word I can't spell is gypsy.

  14. At the risk of becoming as repetitive as the newscasters, I've quit radio. I do like Lisa Mullins. Great voice and great interviewer. It's not her fault that she has to report on the awful stuff going on.

    Now that I'm listening only to podcasts I have much less stress.

    I know that trail. It's a good one. I've never gotten very far on it, it's kind of tough. But you'll have no trouble with it.

  15. I really love Lisa Mullins, too.

    I think the worst grab-someone-to-discuss-current-events of late was on one of the cable news shows where one of the pundits asked Hulk Hogen his opinion of the London riots.

    Lucky for me, I didn't see it. I saw it on Twitter. I've given up most TV AND radio these days.

  16. I guess your shoes don’t fit my feet.

    I have to walk a mile to get my morning newspaper (actually two miles back and forth) and I prefer to do that in my own shoes, period!

    + 2,40 % at the moment.

    WAR (with all respect).

  17. I do my best just to stay in my happy place. Avoiding the news altogether helps. I hope this is a nice trail for you, KB.

  18. I forgot to mention that your opener is another absolute ace. I suppose it depends on knowing your Patch drama, but it's an awfully good laugh.

  19. Bellis, I went with spell check on mine. Funny it didn't catch "Lybia."

    Hulk Hogan on the London Riots -- priceless. During the Egyptian Revolution, this local station interviewed someone whose brother-in-law lived in Egypt.

    ("Knowing your Patch drama" is pretty funny, too.)

  20. What do you mean the cyclists elected you prom queen? Was there a prom? Was I not invited? Man. It's like high school all over again.

  21. Sounds like you found a pretty sweet trail. I hope you wore your tiara hiking. I don't regularly listen to The World as it's on during the day, but that's a lame excuse since there's a podcast. Thanks for the reminder, and the plug for Lisa Mullins. I bet I'll like her (although probably not as much as I like Jim Fleming over at TTBOOK).

    wv: humswar (seems like this should have been the wv over at your Patch column on the bikers)

  22. Prom Queen??? I didn't know there was a prom either Margaret!!! Must be because I don't do much news either!!!