Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keeping Hahamongna on the map

Hahamongna Watershed Park is our little bit of wet and wild land, bordered, cornered, by three towns -- south, east, west. It's at the mercy of temporary bureaucrats, and we know just how merciful bureaucratic mercy tends to be.

Hahamongna is safe for now, maybe, from development and destruction, but only because the cities and counties are broke. So, safe until money starts churning its way through the system again.

I don't think picking up a mantle is particularly difficult; I've bench pressed a mantle or two in my time. The only challenge is in carrying it around.

Dianna Patrizzi and the battle for permanent protections for Hahamongna


  1. They ought to leave it alone just for the entertainment value of the name "Hahamongna".

    Actually, bureaucrats and government just ought to leave everything pretty much alone. Everyone except them would be happier.

  2. I say we dump the sediment on Jody Norin's head.

    I was looking into the La Tuna Canyon dump site proposed for the silt and discovered this 1985 article. It was always within the cross hairs of the Department of Public Works.

  3. Marjie: Ditto!
    PA: We still got Jody to kick around??

  4. Hiker, you make me proud to be among the Hahamongna lovers. Thank you.

  5. Geez, they gotta leave a little bit of nature around for us. I love that name...

  6. I am trying not to get worn down on this one, little issue. Dianne is tireless. And she's got a great idea: put permanent protections in place.

    I've talked to people who've been fighting development in Hahamongna for 25 years or more. New development ideas keep popping up but so do the fighters. Apparently the fighters keep winning, because Hahamongna's still here.

    The City Council must get tired of all this. If permanent protections were in place, maybe we wouldn't have to fight. Maybe we could leave them alone. Permanently.

    I never thought I'd be happy to see Pasadena's funding cut. I don't want to see jobs slashed, I don't want to see programs cut. But neither do I want to see a "nature center" at Hahamongna (never was there a more ridiculous oxymoron). And the last thing I want to see in the watershed is an athletic field.

  7. All the best with the mantle, KB and all who carry it. I'll keep sending my bestest heartfelt vibes out to Hahamongna.

  8. Good luck!! I'm all for saving natural environments. There are too few of them left in the world, any more.

  9. Is there a riverbank in Hahamongna, suitable for a picnic?

  10. Hahamongna Watershed Park looks beautiful and I am glad that Hahamongna is safe.
    Nice photos, too.

    PS: You are very welcome to my house for a glass of wine on the porch with me. Really would be great!

  11. Ah! Thank you for the link to Mademoiselle Gramophone. Sounds an interesting and creative blog.

  12. Preaching to the choir, I know.

    Sonia, one of these days! And you're right about Gramophone's blog. Always creative, passionate, ironic.

  13. I love the title of it too. Fight a good fight.

  14. It's sad that whenever the economy's going well, areas like this are threatened. Benign neglect is what I wish for Hahamongna - let Mother Nature take her course. There are enough changes happening naturally without the City of Pasadena spending money on new bike paths, access roads, signage and so much more.

    And can we campaign against the plan to remove more sage scrub land to make several new water retention basins on the west side when we need to store all the rainwater that falls? Can we stop the removal of the excess silt clogging up the dam when it risks flooding? Difficult issues - but improving and adding to the habitat for wildlife should at all times be a priority.

    I'm grateful to all the devoted people who attend long meetings, buy the reports, look at the fine print...and refuse to get worn down or discouraged. THANK YOU!!

  15. We need everyone to use their powers of natural influence. So far the collaboration is genuinely working. All of the animals and plants seem to be doing their part, as well. So many interests there in one's very complex yet very simple, as Petrea says... permanent protections would allow for Pasadena City Council to be left alone, at least by some of us... permanently.

    The two top priorities for permanent protection; wetlands and watershed, are not mutually exclusive. They are synergistic: each keeps the other healthy.

    Much graz Hiker!