Sunday, October 24, 2010


The first rain of autumn is the beginning of the world.

The tenth rain of autumn is really, really wet.

UPDATE: Angelica, the cat I posted at Patch last week, she was adopted!


  1. You are so right! Even now it's raining here...It's the 12th straight day that we've had some sort of percipitation...I's a word much too big for me...

  2. I love the way Albert gleams in the flashlight...

  3. Deep Thoughts.

    It stormed last night for the first time in maybe a month. Meeps was fascinated and sat at the window and watched. It doesn't take much to amuse her! :)

  4. I feel Albert's pain, but I love the rain.

  5. Yikes, I feel like I've been totally hogging the rain.

  6. I have a feeling this will be a wet winter.

  7. Even in SoCal . . . !

    Nice photos.

  8. I know I couldn't spell it, Pat.
    Shell, yeah, what have I been feeding that dog? He is absolutely the healthiest beast I've ever owned.
    Virg, I love the enjoyment she's given you.
    Aw Jean, you're being too nice.
    Margaret, that's ok, so long as you don't get all scolding and tell me what a "blessing" it is.
    Linda, not any more. I'm inclined to agree with Vanda. And I have a theory, and this is for you too Banjo. I think the weather patters have so changed that we'll get increasing amounts of rain as years go on, and areas like England will start to dry up.

  9. is Albert afraid of water? A lot of our "water dogs" are afraid of water---rain, sprinklers, pools...makes me laugh---apparently they forgot to "read the directions" about their genes!

    I have to agree a bit---it's only been raining this weekend near me...just tired of it raining into my ears because of the wind blowing it around.

  10. It's going to be a wet, wet winter. Feeling a little housebound already!

  11. We got some much needed rain this weekend. So refreshing.

  12. Karin,

    You're writing at a Seattle guy. Once August stops, things are up for grabs, wet-wise.

    This year they're predicting 'cold' -- that fearsome threat of stuff out of Alaska, perhaps.

    In such 'autumn/winters', the rain hits less generously.

    We've had only three straight days of it (with another 3 of spritz on their way!)


  13. It actually rained here in good ol' Phoenix, Arid-zona last week. I needed it.

    Great photos.

  14. Isn't unusual to freaky and extreme weather the common thread in all the global warming commentary? It's been a dry, balmy October in Michigan.

  15. Oh...those look like fairy's wings in the first shot.

    Poor Albert. I know how you feel, babe. A word of advise - don't move to the Northwest Coast.

    Yay! Little kitty. Best of luck in your new home.

  16. And poor puppy looks greatly displeased by the 10th rain of autumn.

  17. Shell already noted my observation: Albert's glossy sheen. He must dine on some excellent kibble.

    Great news about Angelica!

    wv: mathear

    (I have to confess I had to ask Petrea what "wv" meant. Feels like a blogging rite of passage to post it.)

  18. Albert is your comedian. He does such a good job.

    I love that first photo. Wow.

    Yay for Angelica!

    My WV is baysts, which is meaningless, but I thought I'd post it for Susan.

  19. I thought we were supposed to be in a 'La Nina' pattern this winter, but then lo and behold we get this unseasonably wet October with days on end of drizzly, downright rainy weather. Not complaining, because we need all the rain we can get down here in SoCal. Just love the expression on your pooch!

  20. Petrea: Nothing is meaningless.

    WV: fryliky. Why we like french fries. Something in the oil.

  21. I can't begin to tell you how glad I am about Anjelica!

  22. Yay! for Angelica.

    This reminds me of a book I like: Mathemagics by Margaret Ball. And it's set in Austin.

  23. Yay, indeed. I think your comments about her had a lot to do with it.

    Hi Camissonia. What an absolutely gorgeous dog.

  24. AH, does fog come with the rain?
    Both are poetic...

    So pleased to know Angelica has a home!

  25. I like these two images together even without the words. The top one is kind of spacy and the gloss on Albert's head...nice too

    can't spend much time blogging. COLA grants due. One should be paid for having to write one of these mother @#$%'s

  26. PA, what a great idea. Maybe then they'd think twice about the required verbiage.