Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall is my season

"Come," said the Wind to the Leaves one day.
"Come over the meadow and we will play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold.
For summer is gone and the days grow cold."
Anon, 1880

You may say autumn, but the name is Fall. I was born in fall, so I should know.

“The teeming Autumn big with rich increase, bearing the wanton burden of the prime like widowed wombs after their lords decease." Shakespeare.

See? Call it Autumn and I have no idea what you're talking about.


  1. Karin,

    'Autumn' just sounds so poetic -- and always seems to have that use?

    'Fall', also my birth season -- I know it by that name.


  2. "An autumn person is complex, intense, warm and passionate. They can be shocking and rebellious; they question the status quo and hate to be restricted." from the search engine... I couldn't get any more due to huge "ACCESS DENIED" banner ... but you know what you are all about anyway. There must be something about mysterious and spooky (BASING THAT on the PHOTOS!)in there too. :P

  3. Wow, Tash...couldn't be a better description of Hiker if we wrote it ourselves!!!

  4. Yeah, sometimes the connotations of two synonyms are surprisingly different.

    That final photo is creepily effective, sort of a minimalist haunting.

  5. Autumn can be a woman's name. Fall, not so much.

    I like the Fall. Makes me want to stay warm. Almost time to do something with our clocks.

  6. The last picture is my favorite. Very nice. Fall is also the best season for me, especially here in the desert. It's finally starting to cool down.

  7. Autumn is my favorite season. The warm days and cool evenings. The musty smell of the furnace the first time you heat the house. The smell of steer manure that been put over rye seed for winter lawns. Raking leaves. Reducing the number of days a week the lawn is watered. Driving home in the dark after daylight savings ends. All are subtle signs that winter is coming to Southern California.

  8. Count me in as another who loves the smell of steer manure for its uncrap-related associations.

    On a sweeter note, Osmanthus Fragrans -- sweet olive -- starts to bloom. I've read many poetic lines to describe its fragrance; I think it smell like a bowl of Trix.

  9. You say potato...

    Let's not make a 'fouss'. (wv)

  10. You may claim to not understand what WS was on about, but he sure has penned one of the better images on the fecundity of the female.

    Re the steer manure. How can one tell? And in what way is it better?

  11. Autumn, fall; both mean lots of leaves to rake. Happy birthday season!

  12. Don't forget "Ode to Autumn," by Keats: "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom-friend of the maturing sun."

    It's my birthday season as well, so I get very excited when the leaves start to turn as it means presents are coming!! There's a cool, damp drizzle today to please the dog - it brings out the smells. Like some of you, she enjoys the steer manure fragrance. There's no accounting for taste.

  13. Wintertime ... We only live twice.

  14. I was born in fall, too. Tash's quote there is just meant to try to fool us into changing our verbiage.

    Problem is, I love the season after fall until the first snow has been on the ground about 3 days. Then I want spring again.

  15. My mother was born today. It's her 88th!

  16. I like FALL but when I"m feeling especially uppity, I use the A word.

  17. I was born in winter, but fall has always been my favorite.

    Is there really a pumpkin that large in some Altadena yard? Please tell me where so I can go see it. Spooky!

  18. Autumn's what we call it here, so I'm rather fond of it. But "Fall" doesn't perturb me. Say, Tash's autumn/fall quote is quite amazing!

  19. I was taught Autumn is a 'British' word, hence the double vowels of "Au", like in colour. Also as a result, autumn is used in a proper, stuffy fashion.

    But Fall - fall describes the falling of the leaf. A simple description of the season, isn't it?
    “Oh, it sets my heart a-clickin’ like the tickin’ of a clock / When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder’s in the shock.” - James Whitcomb Riley

  20. You've all said such fascinating things, but I have to say Mister Earl can't be beat tonight.

    Happy birthday to all you Autumn souls, Fallen or not.

  21. Oh, I think I can settle this easily. What rhymes with autumn? Bottom, Saddam, Rot 'em. What rhymes with fall? Call, tall, all.

  22. We will be jolly
    In the fall -- eee!
    Sorry about your brother ...
    that they got him
    and shot him
    in the bottom
    last Autumn.

  23. "shot him in the bottom last autumn" Hee,hee,hee, hee...

  24. "When I came back from the East last autumn I felt that I wanted the world to be in uniform and at a sort of moral attention forever; I wanted no more riotous excursions with privileged glimpses into the human heart."

    F. Scott Fitzgerald
    The Great Gatsby, Chapter 1

    (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

  25. "The falling leaves drift by the window
    The autumn leaves of red and gold"

    - Johnny Mercer

    "If you feel like leaves are falling
    If you feel like smiling;
    Fall leaves are smiling.
    Fall leaves are smiling, smiling, smiling."

    - Jefferson Airplane

  26. "in the bottom
    last Autumn."

    I'm sorry to say I find that metrically dubious.

    Laurie, that's one of the many great G. passages, isn't it.

    And, based on the autumn persons who have been significant in my life, Tash's find is REALLY intriguing. Should I pay attention to astrology after all?

  27. Laurie, between your blog and mine, we'll eventually quote the entire book. I like seeing the lines out of context; it makes me appreciate the language all the more.

    Banjo, I toy with rhythm, much like a Dickinson.

    Want to hear something weird? Every man I was with for more than a year was born in November. Not only that, born in the same week in November. (Needless to say, I always got the birthdays wrong.)

  28. I was thinking that between you and Laurie, you could retype the whole book. Then I thought of this:

    "On some occasions, audiences would show up to one of Andy Kaufman's stage performances expecting to see him perform as Latka, and heckling him with demands when he did not. Kaufman would punish these audiences with the announcement that he was going to read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald to them. The audience would laugh at this, not realizing that he was serious, and Kaufman would proceed to read the book to them, continuing despite audience members' departure. At a certain point, he would ask the audience if they wanted him to keep reading, or play a record. When the audience chose to hear the record, the record he cued up was a recording of him continuing to read The Great Gatsby from where he had left off."

  29. Perhaps, Hiker, you might do well to ask a gentleman's birthday before you say yes to an evening out...

    I'm just sayin'...

    August birthdays are are quite a good bet!!!

  30. Earl, GREAT Andy Kaufman story!

  31. BANJO - I think Andy may have gone all night reading at some college engagements. That's what they portrayed in the movie Man on the Moon, but I don't know if it really happened.

  32. My favorite season, too, no matter what we call it. :-)

    I'm a December birthday, so technically fall but I tend to think of it as winter since it's after Thanksgiving.

  33. Well, there we have it.

  34. In school, they taught 'em
    It's autumn.
    But if you're close to the earth
    and don't want me to curth
    It's fall.
    Uh, that's all.

  35. Born in October (10-10). The same day they set all the advertising watches.

    The day, and the season, has often reminded me of the past, and the holidays yet to come. Both subjects are heavily implicit of family matters, and for some folks, that is not the most joyous part of reminiscence.

    Aside from the typical rash of mid-life crisis (how do you spell that in plural?) the last few years have been a turning point. Just how, I need not mention, for we all share the same experience in our culture's changes and most likely in the common age and demographics of your readership, my dear kb.

    For me, at least, i've found an upturn in sentiment surrounding the season, an ability, finally, to focus on the beauty inherent in the season, the color of the light, the crispness of the air, and a fondness for changes yet to come and for what has been.

    It should have been simple, yet despite ourselves, we complicate it so, don't we? Ah, for the simple things...

    Let Autumn reign, or Fall, as the case may be, and enjoy it as best we can..,

    Hot damn! Coffee's on! And you should see the rain, like dew, and wetness lying on the street this morning as the sun rises!

  36. Very clever, you. But I think you do understand Shakespeare. I, on the other hand, really do not.

    Happy birthday. Hope I'm not too early or too late.

  37. Autumn is very proper, to be sure. I don't mind either moniker. I'll pass along my happy birthdays, now, while I have the chance. *grin*

  38. Funny about the man/November thing. Me too (or June) and all my "Familias" variations of Victory

  39. Earl, thanks for that. Weird. Earl or anyone, did you see this clip with Kaufman and his ex-girlfriend Boosler?

    Does anybody ever know what's scripted and what's Andy doing his thing, especially his anger?

  40. Interesing concept that, the Hiker and 'gentlemen' ... solution is simple really: dump 'em at day 364 ...

    Re autumn vs fall ... 'autumnal' has a certain ring to it, whereas 'fallen' is a fish of an entirely different hue. Rather like 'gentleman' and 'man', methinks ...

  41. Banjo: I really don't know what's scripted and what's not. No way to tell really. Either way, I think they're both part of the "hoax" on the audience. If you're interested in Andy, I recommend Bob Zmuda's book, "Andy Kaufman Revealed." According to the book, Andy used to pull lots of stunts in real life, not just in front of audiences. For example, he, Zamuda, and a friend would stage a scene in a restaurant to make everyone uncomfortable. In the book, Zamuda posits a theory about what made Andy want to mess with people like that.

  42. Grew up with "Fall." But I like to say "Autumn." Makes me feel grown-up somehow ;-D