Sunday, February 21, 2010


Upper Arroyo, pre-flood

I have a simple philosophy. Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. And scratch where it itches -- Alice Longworth

Upper Arroyo, post-flood.

Anything that comes easy, comes wrong -- Josephine Tessier

All philosophies, if you ride them home, are nonsense; but some are greater nonsense than others -- Samuel Butler


  1. Looks like chaos that trail!

    What looks ugly can turn nice -- unknown.

  2. Hmmmm....very deep goings on here. Are there stables nearby?

    I like the pictures. No cars. But, plenty of horsepower.

  3. I spent the afternoon at Chuck E. Cheez with about 10,000 screaming children so, by comparison, even this chaotic aftermath seems peaceful and lovely to me.

  4. It is kind of peaceful, once you reconcile yourself to all that is gone. The puppy dog had no problem with this.

  5. Are you a quoter? as in the way some people quote the bible... I knew another writer (credentials: years spent working for people magazine: gag). She could pull out a quote to fit the occasion and they were usually pretty good.

  6. So you can ride a horse and take pictures at the same time? Not me. I have to have both hands for my death grip on the reins!!

    PS And my favorite: What goes up must come down!
    Deep Thoughts by Virg

  7. Love seeing the before/after photos.
    "You can't fool Mother Nature" is a good one, too.

    So who is the dog? Are you cheating on P & A?

    Hey, TwoFingers in improving her typing! Err, her proofreading skills.

  8. Seeing what was once familiar territory after it's been altered by water and weather, well, it can make you feel pretty insignificant. After Ivan I was just numb.

    Favorite saying:

    Don't ask me if you don't want to hear the answer.

    wv hydrical
    Seeing all that water damage makes me hydrical.

  9. These pictures are lovely. I especially like the dog's expression. Relaxed, yet a bit expectant.

  10. Horse: I'm OK with this trail as long as it's exactly the same as the last time I was here.

    Dog: New scenery! New smells! Yippee!!!

    Never mind that glass half full/empty thing - are you a horse or a dog?

    btw, I think "What goes up must come down" would be a great title for a book on the San Gabriels.

  11. Bellis,
    I"m just praying Mr. E doesn't take it and run with it. The minute I hit Publish, I had regrets! :)

    LA, the only thing that got me in Chuck E. Cheese back in the day was a LARGE pitcher of beer. That places is scary!

  12. Bellis: I see you are a perfect animal psychiatrist; I have the same experience!

    Yes, I am; we have all changed.

  13. Nice photos. Were you flooded or mudded recently?

  14. The last photo is so cute! The pooch seems to be saying, "You don't REALLY want me to go in there, do you?"
    Cool contrast & compare. Great quotes. A lot of work. I like both scenes.

  15. My favorite quote (OK among the favorites): "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Thumper's mom, Bambi

  16. Me the perkey ears too.

  17. Some people, like Banjo, think Michigan is the center of the universe. And they read Ferlinghetti. 'Nuf said.

    But I do defer to Paula, who has seen a changing landscape in her Florida that is hard to imagine.

    Bellis knows her animals. But then, she's British after all. (And is responsible for the photogenic pup in this picture.)

    Tash, I know! I can't imagine the work it will require to put humpty dumpty together again. But what Abbie is really saying here is, "What's your problem, can't you swim?"

    PA, only when I'm too lazy to write my own lines.

    Quid, I'm learning dog photography from Brenda. Really.

  18. Hiker, I can't really say that what happened in Florida is worse - or better - than what happens elsewhere. What's really important is dealing with the outcome. Personally, I love seeing you SoCal peeps come back from the year you've had: the economy, fires, flooding, the macaroon/macaron debate, the life and times of The Michael, the emergence of Kim's Kardashian...

    wv shilitr
    shilitr happens

  19. So, the Before & The Day After shots are from the exact same vantage pt?!

  20. Amazing what a day or two can do...

  21. Are you saying the little white wooden bridge is washed out?

    That's going to take some getting over.

    That flood had some muscle. Wow.

  22. No, these photos aren't perfectly matched. The old stone bridge stands, and the white bridge, tho the planks are covered in mud. And the glades to the left are gone. If you follow the bouncing ears, around the bend, part of the road is washed away, then just beyond the ranger station the road is totally gone. That's where Abbie is standing.

  23. Great photos - amazing the changes brought by forces of nature and this is just a small picture of that.

  24. that philosophy reminds me of Michael Pollan: if it comes from a plant, eat it. if it was made in a plant, don't.

  25. Oh, no. If I followed K-M's maxim, I'd starve...Hmmm, good point!

    VW - I mean WV - tough combo for us Slavs - BOPSEE. There is a good line in that one somewhere.