Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heroic Gesture

Our friend Pasadena Adjacent, known in the art world as Elizabeth Garrison, and partner Victor Henderson have unveiled their new permanent mural, Earth Water Fire Air, located at the Westchester Fire Station #5 near LAX.

For those of us who live in the shadow of ashen hills, this new mural is an especially timely tribute to firefighters, for all the fights they win, for all they stand to lose.

The drama, scope, scale, detail of this work -- astounding.

Click on the link for a full view of the completed work, although it won't give you an idea of the SIZE. And follow the links to see more examples of their installations over the past years. In a manner of speaking, there are pieces of Liz and Vic all over Los Angeles.

(photo from Elizabeth Garrison collection)


  1. Why did I see this coming?!

    That mural is H U G E ! (And, Grand)

    I hope these young fine artists have a crack marketing dept cuz they can fly this to boundless limits!

    KB, this was truly a heroine's gesture on your part for de PA!

  2. I love PA's work. My dream is to have her design something for the proposed Arroyo Food Co-op.

  3. beautiful. Especially that determined dalmatian.

  4. You have some amazing friends, KB. I have to thank you for being the link to Liz's blog which I visit regularly. I'm so impressed with the mural and the mosaics. They're simply gorgeous.

  5. As was the case in serious music, I was unschooled in art (serious or otherwise), by my choice. To satisfy a liberal arts requirement, I took "Spots and Dots" because it was rumored to be easy. I got yet another C.

    So seeing the sheer scale of some art has been part of my self-education.

    About half a football field, Diego Rivera's mural depicting auto workers at the Detroit Institute of Art is my latest case in point. You could study it for a lifetime. In Simon Schama's series on PBS, the sheer size of some (most?) of Rothko's rectangles--who knew?

    Oh yes, the David. That counts, I guess.

  6. I knew CP and KM would be a-liking this.

    Susan, that is a great idea

    PJ, yup, great people to know. You can click on any link to the right on my blogroll and never be disappointed.

    Banjo, left you a tune.

  7. I saw Tash's post today and think this is amazing. I will follow the links to see more. Bravo to the artists for their fine work and of course to our heroes for all they do for all of us.


  8. OH wait, I read too fast. So LIZ is our very own PA?? How marvelous. Ain't bloggin' grand!

  9. It's really terrific, glorious even.

  10. Grand Illusion. I particularly like the rocky hillside.


  11. Oh, how grand! The spotty-dog is my favourite part. PA and Victor's work is wonderful ~ I so admire artists who can see the big picture and work on such a large scale.

  12. What's that I hear about Diego Rivera BANJO52?

    meet Manny the grandson of Diego Rivera's brother

  13. This is so impressive and cool. I'm so glad you posted about it.

  14. WOw, wow and WOW!

    This is spectacular.

  15. What a wonderful tribute. Muralists amaze me, how they're able to bring together all the small details to produce amazing works of art on a grand scale. There must be a life analogy in there somewhere...

  16. Great (gigantic) art!

    I can see the black box there, very fascinating.

    I think you should consult Albert about that!

    As always...

  17. Thanks for the plug. Very kind of you

    thanks everyone