Friday, September 4, 2009

Station Fire: Sounds Good

The last update from inci is the best news all week. Here it is:

Fire is currently backing down to Cogswell Resevoir. It is within the contingency area and it is the natural progression of the fire. There is no expectation that it will make a sustained push into residential areas.

Another mild night is in store for this evening with moderate HR recoveries in the lower elevations and poor recoveries on the ridge tops. Winds will generally be terrain driven after sunset and there is a possibility of isolated thunderstorms...becoming mostly clear overnight.

In the southwest corner of fire, La Crescenta to Sunland, most of the night activities will consist of patrol and mop-up to a distance of 50-feet in from fireline.

Hand line construction will continue along with patrol and mop-up 50-feet in within the Pacoima Canyon area.

Crews will perform general fuel preparation for defensible space and structure protection south to Mendenhall peak, and from Rincon Motorway around to the Angeles Crest Highway.

On the east side of the fire (near the San Gabriel Wilderness) - crews will be constructing handline, holding fire spread, and conducting burnout if possible and as needed. The public may observe smoke and occasional flame pockets during operation.

It has been determined that the cause of the Station Fire is arson and is now a homicide investigation If you have any information or questions please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department at 323-573-2387.

The Station Fire, named because of its proximity to a nearby USFS Ranger Station has burned over 230 square miles of land within the Angeles National Forest and near surrounding foothill communities of La Canada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Acton, Soledad Canyon, Pasadena, Glendale and Sierra Madre. The goal of the Incident Management Team is to keep the fire west of Highway 39 and Angeles Crest Highway, east of Interstate 5, south of Highway 14, Pearblossom Highway, and Highway 138, and north of the foothill communities and the Angeles National Forest Boundary. The fire is moving into areas of the forest with no recorded fire history. If you have Google Maps, you can access the fire perimeter at CA-ANF-E5VL Station 9-3-2009 0327.kml

Tonight weather will be mostly clear with temperature between 64 - 74 degrees. Tomorrow will be in the low to mid nineties and 80 to 88 degrees in the upper elevations. The weekend should bring an increasing onshore flow and a cooling trend

Photo: Greg Sweet


  1. I posted this on your previous item, and I'm posting it here again since you started a new item:

    Here's an amazing song, a true story about some smoke jumpers who fought the Mann Gulch, Montana fire in 1949.

  2. Thanks a brunch!
    Rite Aid Ice Cream or Bulgarini Gelato??

    However, we still need to hear more good news, although the destruction in the mtns has been Very Bad already, as the fire mainly makes it's way eastward by neighboring communities.

  3. We will be happy to see pictures of heroes sitting around, heroes scratching their noses, heroes taking naps, heroes having lunch, etc. Any pictures of heroes are good.

  4. Oh gosh, another spelling error.

    Earl, I think that story ties in with one of my favorite books, "Young Men and Fire." That's where I first heard about smoke jumpers.

    CO, I hope it was Bulgarini. And I do hope we see pictures of our heroes all over town.

  5. That is one well-deserved treat! God bless the firefighters.

  6. Karin: Indeed the song Cold Missouri Waters was based on the book Young Men and Fire.

  7. I'm relieved to read that things are turning better. Keep up !!!

  8. I hope this means we can all breathe a tentative sigh of relief? I'ts been a long week for ya'll!

  9. Wish I could send some ice-cream along too. Bless them. I hope the cooling trend brings some rain.

  10. Good news, indeed.

    wv:flatorso (when I draw, it's a flatorso)

  11. Things seem to look better, now.

    And I really hope you can see the bright sky today!

    As always: Take Care!