Sunday, August 2, 2009

Smiles on a summer's night

The last flowers in the San Gabriels.

The title? Well yes, someone grabbed that phrase a few decades ago. But it's all in the family. And if you'll let that go, here's a tune.)

And more Veloso


  1. So sad to here about the last flowers in the SG's, if it's true.

    I have a CD of his. If he's a Brazilian he's no Jobim.

  2. Agreed. There are too many Jobims.


  3. Very nice post, very nice picture, and very nice music, but what's with the cats and lion cubs in the video?

  4. I'm always amazed at the beauty of the wild flowers (and I do mean wild) that force their way out of the rocks and hard, dry ground in our desert mountains. Their resilience is a metaphor for some people I know.

  5. My Portuguese is rusty. I trust you to make all the connections, I'll just gambol along. It looks like a nice hike.

    I photographed my favorite pink wild flower on Tuesday - it grows in wetlands - and I woke up on Thursday with chigger bites. Sigh. Clear nail polish is so essential here in the south. I hope you didn't have that experience.

  6. leĆ£ozinho is an endearment. Sweetheart, but stronger -- more like light of my life.

    Don't hold me to this translation, but it's something like this:

    I really like to see you, Little Lion,
    Walking in the sun,
    I really like you, Little Lion,
    You make me happy Little Lion,
    Oh my heart was so lonely,
    It's enough that I met you on your way.

    You are the son of a lion, ray of morning sun,
    You pull my heart like a magnet,
    O my heart, you are the birth of all colors
    You are the gold of the lion.

    I like to see you in the sun, Little Lion,
    And to see you swim in the sea,
    You're beautiful, you're light, you're a dance
    I'm so close to you and we enter in as one.
    I like to remain in the sun, Little Lion,
    To dance along with you
    We are so close little lion
    And enter in as one.

  7. I'm sorry, I'm giddy I guess


  8. PJ, I just missed you. Chiggers -- are they like mites? And they're afraid of nailpolish? Oh, the south is so exotic.

  9. Very dreamy for a summer's night.

  10. Actually, they're called red bugs. They love your waistband, etc. You put nail polish over the bites to suffocate the critters. 'Nuff said.

    wv aculban

  11. The lavender and brown together in that photo is striking!--makes you sort of suspend the disbelief of flower and dirt....

  12. The first link gives this return in certain countries:

    "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions"

    The second is working good and sounds very nice to me. (Google gives you translation possibilities).


  13. Ah, what perfection. The first and the last of the flowers are always the ones closest to my heart...

  14. Nice flowers, didn't think there was still something blooming this far into the summer.

    We were just talking about chiggers the other day. Nasty buggers.

  15. girlfriend and I love your posts and attitude towards life. Always picks me up! And Thanks for your prayers and support re my recent illness and successful recovery. Much appreciated!

  16. your comments re my right on! they were pretty big. That's why I became a musician I guess...

  17. What I tried to communicate was: Do you have an alternativ link to the tune? Maybe that will work.

    The lyric also look nice.


  18. They look like jewels inserted into the hillside. I remember thinking pink zircon was the prettiest thing ever when I was a child.

  19. Bedtime for me.


  20. Oh, I get it....Veloso (not a tennis player)

    I didn't see flowers yesterday but I did see a California Condor dinning on road kill.

  21. Ken Mac & my friend: You're lovely, and I'm so glad I can get snarky again.

    D: apparently your country is more puritanical than ours. Go figure.

    Laura: Yeah. And you're something else as well.

    PA: Ever the romantic.

  22. Looking forward to the next chapter.


  23. I have a question for you: What does ”wv” stand for?

    If we start with the “w”, can it be either with, which, wonderland or maybe witch?

    About the “v”, I don’t have a clue.

    Or is it just as simple as VolksWagen - backwards.

    Oh, I hate all these secret codes.

    I also have a few more questions, but I’ll leave that for later on.

    The rest is OK!


  24. vertigo inducing....which way is up or down?

  25. wv = with vertigo ?

    KB: I'm sorry.
    I'm just trying to learn.