Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Albert

If there's anything harder than bandaging a lab, it's bandaging a lab when the boxer thinks she's a nurse. Albert ripped his dewclaw, and I'm sure that's bloody painful. So we got out the canine first aid kit, and both had to thoroughly sniff every item, from the hydrogen peroxide to the neosporin, the gauze,the duct tape. Phoebe watched every second of the operation and licked Albert's ear.

Phoebe pretends Albert is a pain in the ass until he gets hurt. And then she doesn't leave his side.

Thanks to doggy morphine, Albert is flying high. Phoebe, on the other hand, is exhausted. We can all look forward to a lovely vet bill tomorrow.

Just as I suspected: $159 is an expensive run around the yard but gets you some pretty nice duds.


  1. Two lovely dogs you have there.

    Imagine: Life can be both strange and hard.

  2. Just thinking about his pain gives me the shakes!!
    Who's the new puppy by his side?

  3. Lovely blog and the dogs: they have so sweet eyes! :)

  4. What a strange relationship they have, Phoebe and Albert I mean!

  5. So like siblings in spite of themselves. Love it!

  6. Hi. I wandered into here from carolynn at 'A Glowing Ember' and I'm really glad that I did - i've thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts.
    Hope Albert is feeling better soon.

  7. We are distressed to hear about Albert's injury and are sending him and Phoebe many purrs and yips for healing. And for a moderate vet fee, which is a kind of healing itself.

    Sweet William Grey
    Miss Digit
    Ranger Dog

  8. I think my veterinarian sells that very same canine first aid kit.

  9. It's so incredibly heartwarming to see animals support each other in times of need. How sweet and loving your two are.

    I'm sorry to hear about the dewclaw. Ow! That has GOT to hurt.

    Vet bills....I'm a little too familiar with those these days...

  10. I'd let Nurse Phoebe get that duct tape off when the time comes. That's not going to be a pretty sight!
    Maybe Albert needs a little R& R at Chez Virg!

  11. The money shot. Duct tape?

  12. Best to you all. I hope Albert heals quickly (for Phoebe's sake), and that it's easier to get off the duct tape than it seems like it would be.

  13. Puppy love? They are so cute.

  14. Whoever said animals have no feelings has no soul. We could learn a lot from our 4 legged friends. Glad she's on the mend...despite the vet bill.

  15. This is why I want a second dog. But some people I live with are so difficult...

  16. It's going to take Albert a few days to get used to his satellite dish.

    In defense of duct tape: Talked to my vet about it today, and he sez it's the go-to tool for immediate first aid. Just remember (as I did) to line it with gauze. Also, it's only a temporary fix, because it doesn't breathe at all. But for a 24 or 48 hour remedy, it's a dog's best friend.

  17. I'm a little worried about sweet nursy Phoebe, the update report didn't say.

  18. Apropos of nothing, duct is good for a lot of things - Red Green uses it to turn two cars into one - but it's most curious use is to get rid of warts. Actually there are two cures, Zantac and duct tape. I'll let you do the research, but I've seen the Zantac work wonders on my son and I once corresponded with the science editor of NPR about the duct tape thing. He said it was a good thing.

    Albert must be picking up several stations by now. It should also assist with whispering sweet mothings and secretive nuzzling with Nurse Phoebe.

  19. I understand Albert is a bright Light in your life, but do you need to put a lampshade on him to make the point?

  20. the "cone of shame". poor Albert!

    duct tape is, in a pinch, one of the best things to use for any owee, person, animal, place or thing. Remember, it doesn't stand up to water, so a little soak in some warm water and it should come right off as if it were greased.

    $159 isn't bad, considering it could require surgery and then multiply that by 10 or so for the easy version of this.

    Trimming those claws are a good thing. Some house-pets have had them removed while other things are being done since they really do not need them wandering around the house, being hand fed.

    Glad Albert's got a guardian watching over him, tell her to remind him he is not invincible tho! And that he gets good reception if he faces SOUTH for the DirectTV!

    Speaking of that, did you see the comic strip "Rhymes With Orange" oooh, maybe yesterday? It is applicable to Albert's situation.

  21. Oh I think we have a name for that contraption but I forget. Oh my poor sweet Albert, Mumsie sends smoochie smooches to you !!! Phoebe, what a great caregiver you are. Maybe they both need to come south for a little time away.

    I'm about to lose one of my sweet pug granddogs. Waaaaaa, snifff, waaaaaa

    My WV holymzmw.......what????

  22. A one-hundred-fifty-nine dollar lamp shade. Very chic.

  23. Got it. An Elizabethan collar it's called. How fancy schmancy for our Albert.

  24. I think cone of shame suits him better. And he's quite the tank with that thing.

    I'll look for the comic strip, maybe it's online.

  25. ouch
    $169? double ouch

    Peoples has/had a large pusstual issuing forth from his chin. Once again on the loosing end of a cat fight. I took out my medical arsenal (x-acto knife and a match). He hates me

    kisses to Albert

  26. Yeah, I've never thought that Elizabethan collar looks much like the Queen's ruff. Poor guy. Hope he feels better soon.

  27. but it is usually 2 weeks behind in posting. Funny as all get out.

    It is somewhat the Dino effect with the collar with most dogs---they don't understand how big it is and try to fit into space the collar doesn't, and have immediate results of stoppage---something akin to what I did at a friends house the other day while holding an armful of was just a bit too wide. I have sympathy for poor Albert.

  28. "Cone of shame" is the perfect name. And thanks for the update. Now duct tape can be added to our emergency kit, too.

  29. Sorry to hear about Albert, I hope he's doing better.

    But there is good news; you got off cheap at $159.

    The other good news is that If you point Albert toward these two coordinates you'll be able to listen to the BBC.

    Latitude: 51.520477

    Longitude: -0.151849

    And if we synchronize our time Albert and August just might be able to commiserate.

    August's aproximate Latitude: 34.121279

    August's aproximate Longitude: -118.379684

    Albert's aproximate Latitude: 34.201119

    Aberts's aproximate Longitude: -118.133106


    Try it, it's sort of fun...

    Mid-Town G (and the not so much a puppy anymore) August

    BTW thanks for asking about August's condition in a previous post. He got his split off the other day and he's doing really well. Unfortunately he still needs to wear his satellite dish for another week or so and doesn't like it much until I coordinate him towards the BBC.

  30. There's something about a dew claw injury that makes me shiver. Why would a human--or is it just me?--empathize so much with that?

    Thanks for referring me to that March 16 post. This is one literary, witty bunch here. Haven't thought about Cheever for years--now I'll see what I still have by him.

    The last two pages of Gatsby are the finest prose ever written in any language. And I am not at all opinionated.

    Broke down and bought Kundera. Guess I better read it too . . .

  31. I know Banjo, I like that post and those comments were special. And all those guys are way smarter than I am. Hell, Mid Town's dog is smarter than I am -- I almost never listen to BBC.

    I can always excuse you on Kundera if you excuse me on Munro. You northerners appreciate prose with a heavier footprint.

  32. My sweet granddog Willie left us last night. Obituary on my blog tomorrow. What a great dog he was.V

  33. Dog lovers everywhere will tune in Virg. I'm so, so sorry.

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  35. Phoebe is so sweet & Albert is lucky to have a duct-taping mama.
    Like the cone - styin' indeed.
    (PS - Your last "friend" sounds very suspicous.)

  36. Phoebe is such a mother hen.

    Is she going to check on the banana plant while the extension agent is down?

    Or, is that ancient history? How is the banama? Did I miss a post or two or seventy?

  37. MG, the banana & extension are far from down...

    I feel a banana song coming.

  38. What Tash, you don't think "Laptop" is sincere?

    MG, as CO said, day-O. My plant is fine, just don't tally the bananas yet.

  39. Keep the cone. Stick it in the garage or something. It'll save you forty bucks or so the next time you need one.