Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Living on the edge

A few snaps today from the Echo Mountain Trail. Coincidentally, more hiking over at Pasadena Adjacent and Toadberry.

I like going uphill, because I concentrate and compete with complete strangers. (you can click to enbiggen the two above.)

I hate going downhill because the pressure is off and I lose focus. Like today, on the way down, I was wondering why No Country For Old Men just didn’t clean up at the Oscars, nothing else was even close. And whether the hacking at the White House just happened to include the IRS. And if there is a god, why the heck doesn’t …


(Just learned that the famous rock climber, John Bachar, died when he fell at Mammoth. There's an old video clip here that shows him at work.)


  1. Geeezzz i wish my knees looked like that again! And I also like DOWNHILL. That means my thighs have quit screaming at me ( and probably my fanny as well) and believe me , that's a whole lot to scream about. I can't relate here KB. Period.

  2. Look before you leap is just a figure of speech.


  3. Beautiful country :)

  4. I'm impressed - an action photo essay! love the impact of scrolling to the BAM shot. Ouch on your impact.
    Hey, AH, why do your trails look so empty? (My theory on the empty PV beaches is that nobody but the surfers wants to hike down to a bunch of rocks by the cold water. What I am amazed is how many times I've seen gorgeaous blue water...I thought the ocean was grey most of the time. Does your doggy travel? Would he like to hike to the beach?)

  5. Nice pics of de Echo. Still, they're giving me the dizzy's . If I stare at these any longer I might fall.

  6. OUCH! Those raspberries really hurt. A few years ago I broke my face and had to have plastic surgery, but it was the road rash that REALLY smarted.

    I hope you didn't actually tumble when you took your tumble.

  7. "why is the ground on the upside of my eyes?".

    Been there, done that. Haaate it!

    remember to watch where you are stepping, not taking pics on the way down on the fall!

    and this proves my point---exercise is dangerous to your health!

    neosporin and some sauv blanc should help!

  8. You poor thing. Never trust that downhill.

  9. Oh dear..
    It was the SRI (spelled backwards) that caused you to tumble. They take pleasure in it....or heat stroke. That can happen when you do this sort of thing mid day during July. Trust me...I walk a lot

  10. Oh yeah. The downhill may seem easy but it's hard work for your knees. The only time I ever hurt myself hiking was going downhill, a serious ankle sprain from wandering mind syndrome.

  11. The only serious wound is to my pride.

    Susan, you dropped that so casually. What the heck happened?

    I'd like to hike the PVP Tash.

  12. Owie!

    Love these shots, Karin. I never have any time to hike and this makes me really miss it even more.

    Susan? You broke your FACE?

  13. Yea, can you believe this face is post-plastic surgery? I was tempted to redo my nose at the same time but didn't. My recent flash fiction was based on non-fiction. I took a bicycle tumble in Japan and ended up breaking my face and my wrist.

  14. I was up there during the June gloom days. The top was wrapped in mist, everything dewy and smelled wonderful.

    It's a pretty narrow path, I was surprised how many bicyclist were there. Not a place you'd want to tumble.

  15. Beautiful Susan had surgical assistance of the plastic variety. I always suspected...

    Vanda, there are good and bad bike days. I ran into none yesterday, and only 5 people. Someone has built some breaks in the trail so now they have to dismount and carry the bikes over. Yay!

  16. Susan, I had no idea.

    Breaks! Gotta get up there again, it's been too long.

  17. I'm just impressed you like to go uphill. Who likes to go uphill?

  18. am glad Susan's not a bigger celebrity than she is-or we'd all have a huuuge scoop for People or ET.

    Then again, I should talk...I had a year of plastic surgery off and on...but you have to talk to my oncologist about it.

    I've been known to fall uphill almost as easily as I fall downhill--and since my jock knees complain when I try too many stairs, I think this is one of those things I'll just appreciate from a distance and send you some neosporin.

  19. You have to go uphill first to be able to go downhill. That's your daily zen.

    Btw, I've read that going downhill you burn more blood sugar, so it's still very good for you despite of being easier.

  20. Yeah I know KB. It's not for a lack of material. This lazy, tired, old dog will try to get sumthing up sooner rather than later.

    Or, you can give me one of your B-sides or cast offs to use for buying time.

  21. fantastic shots when blown up! (i mean, they're good not blown up too..)

  22. Even if you said close one eye and squint with the other, coming from you KM, I'd still be happy.

    and yeah, Vanda, I think it smells amazing up there. Lots of spicy herbal scents.

  23. See what happens when you lose focus?

  24. I did my last major league hiking in the military some weeks ago. I'll do a little when pressed, but the vagaries of time, knees, and a sprinkle of ennui has taken toll. I'll do the vicarious thing and view your photos from the deck at the top of the hill with a glass of cool chardonnay. Did I say I like your pics?

  25. I've always liked looking at photos upside down, you almost always find something you didn't see before.

    This new perspective reminds me of your business suite post. Hiker the suit doesn't fit because that's just plain and simple buff.

  26. It sounds as if you like the landscape where you hike. Are you a southern California native? Your travels as a kid with your family sounded as if you grew up there. If not, did you like southern Cal. immediately? Are there other landscapes you like as well or better?

    In revisiting your blog today, I see again the connection to what got started on mine a few days ago. Thank you????

    Speaking of Southern Cal, the university, have you read any of Aimee Bender's stories? I can imagine you two connecting, maybe more naturally than you and Munro, but of course, who knows?

    Is there any brighter news on your friend R?

  27. I love the pink flower. It almost looks like a passion fruit but it couldn't be.


  28. Banjo,
    I grew up all over the US, and am first-generation.

    We lived in Calif for awhile, and the brown/gold was a difficult adjustment after Washington and Canada. I like many, many places in the world -- perhaps Normandy most of all.

    You've got a couple of smart cookies over there on your latest post.

  29. Three things:

    1) Gorgeous photos; that hike looks lovely...and hard.

    2) I like going uphill better because there's less chance I'll fall and go cartwheeling in a non-cheerleader way down the hill.

    3) Sad about John Bachar. Free soloing I think comes with an inevitable death by fall...doesn't make it any less sad. He is amazing to watch. What grace. And balls.

  30. Amy, I was talking to a friend about him. No other death is possible. Or so kind. Maybe bidden?