Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boom Town

Let’s get to some beautiful people.

K put this movie on his blog, and I wanted to pander to him anyway. He’s getting published this autumn, and can probably introduce me to some influential people. Not that K and I have actually met. Go ahead, visit his site, look at his picture and the pictures he takes – does he look like blogger picnic material to you? Would you ask this man to bring his famous egg salad?

To our first invitation, I think K sent regrets, he was crushing a doll or cutting the head off a flower or something. Now he doesn’t even bother to respond.

Of others who avoid our vodka-spiked Hi-C events, Laurie generally has a cold, you know, one of those 2400 hour bugs, so her non-appearance is understandable.

The Blue Kitchen pair are the Nick and Nora of the cooking blogs. They wanted to fly out for our weenie roast, but were already committed to a penthouse champagne tasting.

Mid Town G apparently makes some mean rice-crispy squares, but somehow when our badminton tournament calls, the Guggenheim commission calls even louder.

Greenwich Village can never come because the minivan won’t start (and to be honest, I wouldn't trust his egg salad either). Mr Earl is always stuck in Lodi again.

I could go on insulting people for no reason. Maybe I should get to the movie.

Gable is Big John McMasters, and leaves no doubt that he’s big in all the important departments. Hedy Lamarr – she’s totally forgotten isn’t she – is just freakishly gorgeous. Poor Spencer Tracy once more gets to hold Gable’s purse throughout the movie. He’s Little John, I kid you not, every woman’s best friend.

So pour out the Goobers. Filmed in 1940, directed by Jack Conway. The score sounds like Max Steiner to me.

Boom Town


  1. In no particular order:

    1. I thought Myra Loy was in in "Boom Town." I realize now I was getting it mixed up with "Test Pilot." I suspect I'm not alone in this.

    2. Did I not RSVP? What a creep I am.

    3. Thank you for plugging the book. Please don't forget to do this again (preferably in twelve hour increments between now and well, I'll let you know when to stop).

    4. It's not egg salad that I'm famous for, its "Beans on Toast." Its also why I'm not invited to many picnics in the first place.

  2. I like beans on toast. Er. Beans on Toast. And Kevin, at the last blogger picnic hardly anyone ate my Thai Spiced Peanut Tuna Dip but me. The food isn't the point. It's whose purse you hold. I would hold Clark Gable's purse.

  3. Hedy Lamarr: freakishly gorgeous, freakishly smart, and an inventor. I don't remember Boom Town. Maybe it's just as well, though I do love the image of Tracy as "every woman's best friend."

  4. What's in the purse?


  5. Haha, online public libel. No better way to go about it!

  6. Famous Egg Salad is me, KB! (Not that it's my recipe) It was at Farnsworth Pk. You must not have had any of your visual aids on when you typed that, so I won't mention it.

    No comment on people who excuse themselves from old fashioned flesh & blood connection.

  7. Very, very cool about -K-'s book.

    I remember seeing a bit of BooM TowN on AMC. I remember that everyone talked very fast.

    Is one supposed to bring a HOMEMADE dish to the picnics?

  8. I feel bad about myself because I enjoyed all the dissing.

    I loved Petrea's dip. There was just SO much food that a lot of good stuff went begging.

  9. Better be nice, KB, or I'll show up with a cold next time. (And bring my sick preschooler, too!)

    Boom Town... I'd forgotten about that film. Must go watch...

  10. K,
    Do you mean MYRNA Loy? What kind of beans? Baked beans? On toast? That cracks me up.

    My WV is BRIES!!! I swear. I'm going to have some right now on some crusty French bread.
    Au revoir

  11. Hi Karen, thanks for popping by my blog. I have seen your comments on PJ's blog, 100 strangers etc but don't think I've visited you before either. There are just so many talented and interesting people out there in the blogosphere.

  12. I was in cold sweat hell thinking I would be tagged by the venom swath. I have known for years to avoid the down side of Hiker's tongue. I woulda' come but my pooch ate a hole in the fence between me and the neighbor. I think that was the entry point for Twitter, the new brown rabbit who now has a permanent home on the platform build for us to watch the sunset with a glass of chardonnay.

  13. Karin, did you know that Stuck in Lodi is my favorite Creedence song? I'm weird that way. But I was not STUCK in Lodi, I went there voluntarily to dance with the GRAPE QUEEN! And I stopped of in Davis to see my friend SHAWNA and to look around King Hall where I learned a few things about PUBLIC LIBEL back in the late 70s.

    PS - Laurie did not have a cold, she's just finicky about food poisoning from "weekend gourmets." She wants to avoid the "pyrlyh" gates, my WV.

  14. I've been properly chastised. I don't know what got into me; I'm not normally this way. Must have been the full moon, right Bandit?

  15. Mid-Town G's commission with the Guggenheim was based on his proposal involving rice crispy squares.

  16. Beans on toast is so vetty vetty British, is it not-- I rest my case!

    It's a trash or be trashed world, but it is always better to be trashed when trashing or being trashed, don't you think so?


  17. Imagine my embarrassment, Karin. We're only now sobering up from the penthouse champagne tasting, so I only just now found this. Very funny, very sweet. Nora, darling, could you get me something for my head?