Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogger challenge update

Update 5/5: Must read:

Update: Check out PJ. You'll be glad you did. Promise.

Some female bloggers are getting tagged to explore the following theme:
“If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis when I was a teenager, I…”

Miss H tagged me, among others. Don’t miss reading hers. It's quite brilliant:

So, “If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis when I was a teenager, I…”

…wouldn’t have heard a word. It would have been yet one more voice in that background buzz of adult counsel and caution.

A smart mentor probably would have told me:

· Math is fascinating
· Don’t mix your drinks
· Learn basic plumbing
· When you meet a man named J, just keep walking
· Get your degree in life sciences
· Try to separate true excitement from the hormones
· Try to separate anything from the hormones
· Older men are not really interested in your welfare
· Drugs made only Rimbaud a better poet
· And, by the way, you’re not a poet
· One day there will be a company named Microsoft; buy as much stock as you can.

Someone could have told me these things, maybe someone did. But it wouldn’t have mattered. I listened to movies, books, music, poetry -- but I never once listened to advice.

(With any luck, we’ll get Julie, Tash, PA, and PJ to spill some beans.)


  1. I hope you never played cards with a man named Doc.


  2. My WV is hatere. We'll see, we'll just see...

  3. OH, check PJ's link--it goes to PA on accident.

    "haroin" (jebus-the hard stuff)

  4. Well, I guess I'm on the sidelines for this one.


  5. If I were a mentor, (well, I have done pseudo-mentoring on/off even now) some things I could say:

    "Shut-up. I've already been a teenager but you haven't been an adult yet!"
    and, also:
    "I won't hear a word of it: I'm a dog but you're just a homo sapien! So hush!!"

    and, also:
    "An artist is in the eye of the beholder."

    and, 1 last before I sniff around for my next meal:
    "Younger guys might be interested in your welfare - but not much else. So, find yourself a dog or horse who likes to eat & will take you in."

  6. Susan Kitchens tagged with this, and I swear I was about to say the same thing. I would not have heard a word, although I would have been grateful if she had told me to lose the barrettes.

  7. Interesting that you tag me: you know I do neither hip nor wit. Maybe a slice from the '60s will suffice. I will try ...

  8. Yup. Right now I feel like I'm brimming over with advice for some younger folks, but rationally the best thing I can do is let them do their own learning--and they will. There is however an exception: when someone actually asks for your advice, there's a slim chance they might be ready to hear what you say.

  9. I'm genuinely interested in what the four tags have to say. They're so smart and thoughtful and creative, but so different from each other. Personally, I would have included men, but stuck to the rules. No, stuck to that rule.

  10. I’ve spilled the black eye peas and sopped it up with the last of the corn bread.
    I’m tagging Virginia, Jilly, Ilex, and Diana.

  11. I put it on my writing/gardening/catch-all blog:

  12. Thanks Hiker

    I'm taking a pass on the tag challenge. When I pay a visit to adolescence past, my thoughts turn grim. I see myself sitting in front of a Maury Povich audience. While the audience enjoys hurling expletives at me, I'm sentenced to a day of mentoring courtesy of Sybil Brand Institute. Like I said...

    Now if anyone is interested in adopting the mother load of bees, give me a call


  13. That's a vetty interesting link about Sybil Brand. It sounds spooky and worthy of exploration via your little movie production. Mebbe you could dump the bees at Sybil B's.

  14. Woa, you've got good ones there. Maybe they should be included on the driver's ed test. There's got to be a way to make some of this stuff stick.
    You've got me stumped with that tag! Would I choose a woman or a man? Since I am so easily influenced, I'm gonna look at PJ's later. Hmmm.

  15. I'm thinking, I'm thinking. I'm having a time recalling my adolescent years. I was such a nerd, not much comes to mind that I could share, but I'm thinking, I'm thinking..........

  16. glad you can admit a "hearing" problem back then. Many folks, even now wouldn't admit it. Distance does give some clarity.

    PA--I can tell you from having visited Sybil Brand in an attempt to visit someone there ONCE a few decades is not a pretty place---and I knew I could walk out at any time. About the best thing the could do would be demolition and start over. It was a dump back then, can only imagine what a number of years and more neglect have done for Sybil Brand.

  17. Okay, I've given it a shot:

  18. I love this, Karin. I'm having a hard time with this one.