Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Altadena Wallflower (And EVENT)

You know I’m not one to complain or criticize. Live and let live; just allow me to gather my rosebuds while I may. But, in the interests of full disclosure, I have taken a couple of well-deserved swipes in the general direction of Downtown Altadena.

While the surrounding communities shine like jewels in the foothill crown, Altadena has a dandruff problem. Many liquor stores (and not of the wine shop variety), gas stations, one ugly-ass grocery store, trumped in ugliness by a nearby Rite Aid. Oh yeah, a burned out bank that sat vacant for like two years.

And that’s too bad, because these eyesores hide some real gems -- shops, galleries, restaurant, coffee house...

The profile may change. Altadena Arts Coalition, "a coalition of local artists and business owners dedicated to improving Altadena's economy and culture," is sponsoring an actual downtown event this Friday, May 15th, from 4-9, on Lake Street between New York and Altadena Drive. Art, photography, antique car shows. Food, portraits, animals, music, well—what more could you ask for? Bring the family – you know, Emily and Jacob.

A few bloggers will be participating, including OpenMouthInsertFork, Altadenablog, Altadena Daily Photo, Pasadena Daily Photo, and me.

I sat next to Petrea once before on one of these things. “Oh, Pasadena photo, I love your site,” everyone gushes. They turn politely to me and ask, “So, I take it you hike or something?”

Come join us. Bring moral support. Maps available at Webster’s.


  1. You Altadena people have all the fun. Sigh. Plus, despite eyesores, you have Patticakes and Bulgarini. And while Petrea deserves every gush she encounters, you are not too terribly shabby yourself. As you very well know.

  2. Now THAT'S an epitaph if I ever heard one. Here lies Karin. She was not too terribly shabby.

  3. I find that the addition of "ass" to any word adds so much to the description.

    happy hour-ass
    Pick your Rancho-ass up
    Say hi to Ben McGinty over with all the artsy-ass people

    "dingledu" I dingled-ass the initials on the back of your tile-ass.

  4. I just don't find "ugly" alone does our Ralph's or Rite Aid justice.

    Is this Gramaphone-ass? Mid-town Ass? A not too terribly shabby smart-ass, in any case.

  5. Your first sentence was like a mental speed bump (or hump as some like to call it), I had to mull it around a bit.

    That thing sounds like fun, I'd like to check out out, but must work it around my dentist appointment.

    Oh, and I forgot to list the best name ever: Fitzwilliam.

  6. Congrats on participating. What will the participation consist of? BTW, that's a scary-ass ride in the photo.

  7. That sounds like a real Mission Impossible you gals are undertaking. I admire y'all! You have my moral support. At least I know AltaDena is good for dogs.

  8. I don't know Keith. They told me I'd be starring in the Dunking Booth, whatever that means.

    Actually, we're just there to show our support, answer any questions re: blogging, etc. Share some coffee and snacks. I do hear from people who want to start a blog, but aren't sure about the nuts and bolts, so it's a good time to meet up.

    I'll be taking pictures and getting bits of conversation for a blog that p.m. And you know, holding Petrea's purse.

  9. Make that Drunking Booth.

    I would LOVE to join you all. And we could take turns holding Petrea's purse.

    BTW, we have an area here in B'ham called Altadena and all my local viewers think you're from there! Wish you were.

    WHAT is Patticakes? I"ve got to know.

  10. Yes, I'd love to pay a visit to the Dena's if it weren't for the fact that I'm trying to keep a low profile when visiting upstream. Wouldn't want to meet up with some of those friendly gals from the local "thugs are us" gang.
    Do you think the one threatening my life might give "peace a chance" if I taught her how to use the stamp tool in photoshop?

  11. There are nuts and bolts in blogging? Uh oh. I'm so confused.

  12. Little Bit and I were driving up Lake yesterday and noticed that big, impressive presbyterian church. But you're right, not much else and the Ralphs is, well, a big ugly Ralphs.

    The event sounds cool! And not too terribly shabby!

  13. Southern of France Virg: you've never heard of Patticake, Patticake...?

    KB, you really think P is gonna show up, to bee with you in AltaDena? She'll probably have to "reschedule" due 2 a last min thing she just has take in Hollywood or Bev Hills.

    And, it's good 2 see the Big bit gettin out of the house.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Some of you are ganging up on me, which isn't fair, seeing as I'm all hopped up on Nyquil. (Which is absolutely the worst high known to man.)

    If you stop by on Friday, all is forgiven. Bring something other than cough medicine.

  16. Hey! I can think of much worse epitaphs. To whit:

    Here lies Karin: she was doing well until felled by her banana plant.

    Karin: Who maybe hiked.

    Karin: Friend of Petrea.

  17. I would like to join for sure only if I was a bit near to you :-(

  18. Hey, I think I may have missed an inside joke about Petrea's purse. Will I get to hold it too?

  19. Susan, I regret I can't be there to do the heavy liftin' since KB is ailing. Please take over pour moi.

    Southern of France Virg is a new name ( which I dearly love BTW) making the grand total of aliases at about 8. Hells bells, I have more names than Sybil!!! And you can call me "Honey" :)

    I STILL don't know about Patticakes. Clue me in KB!

  20. When bloggers get together it's all about them telling each other how great each of them is. What's in it for the rest of us?

    Best to keep the internet between oneself and the source of the blog.

  21. Old, you give me hope. Will the others really tell me how great I am? Promise? Even when I hold their purse?

    Ginger, I think Patticakes is a coffee shop or cake shop, but shamefully, I'm not sure. maybe Margaret is still around?

    PA, you're safe in my hood.

    Fabrizio, Sei un bel uomo.

  22. Ick, downtown Altadena sounds like my neck of the woods.

    The event sounds fun. :)

    Emily, Jacob, and don't forget Madison.

  23. ACK!

    Will someone please teach me the nuts and bolts of telling a blog to notify me when there's a new post? (erm, especially when my name is mentioned?)

    Patticakes is a nice little bakery/coffee place on the corner of Allen Avenue and New York Drive.

    Karin, everybody praises your writing. It's "oh, you're so witty" and "oh, you should be in the New Yorker, you're brilliant." And you get to say a** in your posts. I should have named my blog "Petrea Daily Photo," then I could be witty.


    Which reminds of of some comedian John read about who has this idea to change the place of the hyphen when using hyphenated adjectives, so "Brain-ass scanner" becomes "Brain ass-scanner" and "artsy-ass people" become "artsy ass-people." You can go everywhere with this one, I'm telling you. I can't stop.

    I will have something special in my purse Friday night. Rocks, maybe.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Petrea, thanks for putting Pattycakes to rest. I can sleep tonight.

    Yeah, all of us Daily Photo lemmings can't say _ _ _ _ if we have a mouthful. You're our mouthpiece KB and a darn good one at that. And you are witty, brilliant and high on Nyquil but that's beside the point. Try it on the rocks Friday night.

    Bonne nuit!

    WV: GROUT! I swear!!! Where is Mr. Earl???
    ( I probably do need to bleach mine)

  26. I'm cracking up at the ass-hypens. That is GREAT! If we could somehow marry that with the Shakespearean Insult Generator and possibly our grade school nicknames then we'd have the perfect retort for any situation!

  27. I think artsy ass-people is my fav

  28. Laurie, your idea just might work. From now on please address me as Diarrhea Bird-turd, currish, rump-fed pignut, artsy ass-person extraordinaire.

  29. Sounds like a fun event, Karin, and more important, an indication that there's some interest in fixing things. We were recently in Detroit for a weekend and, while there's plenty wrong, the things that were right--galleries, cafes, shops--had such a cool vibe and raw energy to them.

    Oh, and the key to getting the most out of a NyQuil high? Go out and operate heavy machinery.

  30. Has anybody seen my wife? I came home and found her h*rm*ne pills scattered across the floor. The front door was standing open … on the dining room table was a receipt from the Fancy Ass-Purse store. I'm a little concerned.


    Mr. Petrea Burdturd

  31. Hello , AH! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I don't have enough art to be artsy-ass, maybe smartsie-ass this time of year since I am dealing with some near fatal cases of senioritis! Please, God, let graduation come!!!
    I left you more info about Sue back at my place read it when you can.
    Good luck with cleaning up your's happening in my village too...urban sprawl should be illegal!

  32. Even in my narcotic cloud of nyquil, and while hotwiring a tractor, I found these comments incredibly amusing.

    Petrea, remember, we have your permission. (also, Ginger, Kelley, Chapstick -- there are secret rules? Where? I must see. I will play with them like legos.)

  33. I seriously want a T-shirt that says "Artsy Ass-Person."

    As for Petrea's new name -- it beats Emily.

  34. John, you're a smart ass-person, I'm sure you'll find Petrea soon.

  35. The “ass-hyphen” comedian’s site is here.

    You can click through his comics in order. Numbers 33, 44, 45 & 57 made me laugh my ass-off.

  36. I've lost again!!! Shall we do an intervention on Petrea or what? John if you need a posse to spread out over the neighborhood give us a call. Well don't call KB, friends don't let friends drive while under the influence of Nyquil.


    PS Perhaps someone should have warned FireLight about this rowdy crowd. I'll try and explain it all.

  37. Good one J+P. By the way, your profile is not available, so I asked a fellow blogger for some details. She said you were a man of great intellect and proportions, who, like Orson Welles, favors irony and caftans. Is that an accurate description?

  38. My shroud is innocent of irony; all its pleats are earned.

  39. Nyquil and a dunking booth is a long way to go to just to headline a wet t-shirt contest, KB. And forget whatever quaint saying you'll be sporting, I'm wondering where the twin hyphens are gonna show up (like we don't already know).

    PA, if all they want is PS skills I wouldn't give it too much thought. You're the Kickass-Yakima-Canutt of PS. You're safe from them Dena girlies.

    wv unbut

  40. Double irony -- isn't that against the law or something? I'll have to ask Kelley, she'll know.

  41. If you can make double irony happen, not only is it legal but you win.

    I like unbut. Mine's solemen.

  42. Mid-Town Günter G-assMay 15, 2009 at 2:27 AM

    Sure, blame it all on me, I don't even recognize this place, the furniture has all been deranged. And to think this all started with civic minded ass-pride. No wonder I can't find the guest room.

    I'll watch Petrea's purse, guard the contents, you go play. I'd hate to see you go from expired Nyquil from WrongAid to Rock in less then a week. Your epitaph would be inestimable and put "Reefer Madness" to shame.

    WV spandawe (like in e-spand-a-weeeeeeeeeee-d)

  43. How does this work? Do you get a fold up table and chairs? (if so don't forget the overhead shade tent) gives the audience a sense of your importance. Are you bringing laptops to display your favorite posts? and what about the swag?

    Irony? wouldn't know a thing about it.

    Maybe I'll show up with my date Bernie K. He's got a score to settle with J+P

  44. thanks Midtown. Just don't steal any change.

  45. Little Bit and I are planning on going-- barring any classic late afternoon over-tired crank-outs. (Mine or hers.)

  46. Woa! I sure missed a lot. & I'm so upset figure out who is the butt of whose joke.
    Very, very cool photo! & what Petrea said about the writing :)