Sunday, April 12, 2009

We Are Not Complete

And utter screw-ups at the Altadena homestead. Funny what a bit of leaf and flower will do. Happy Easter and all its variations. Stop by for prime rib; oh please, what's the worst that can happen?

Warning: Do not click to enlarge on any of the above. You'll see all sorts of things that you shouldn't.


  1. Springtime has been bery, bery good to you.

  2. Everything looks lush. Even Albert.

    Seven-foot cages?

  3. Well, I hope Babaloo at least has a view. I didn't mention people making releases into the wild. Didn't want to give anybunny bad ideas...I would have one myself but I have two geriatric kitties and a dog who got loose unexpectedly and nipped the Fed Ex dude the other day. It's all I can handle right now. The paperwork is starting to pile up.

    vw: nonuctua

  4. Oh snap, Petrea's quick on the trigger. I was about to say it all looks very lush or are you the one that is? I'm a little concerned as to how the CEO is "watering" the banana plant. I'm not sure it works as fertilizer but what do I know ??? Did I spot a few "shallow graves"!

  5. The banana plant thrives! Hooray!

  6. succulents, virginia creeper, RHODODENDRONS!...roses!!???

    corn in the garden-Madre de Dios!

    Albert?? Where?

    Greetings fr-fr-from M-m-m-

    I'll bet you got Japanese beetles...hhmph!

  7. Can I live inside these big big beautiful pictures? I can? Thanks!

    I plan on staying there forever.

  8. You have the secret garden I dreamed about as a child. Tell me there is a gnome living under those stones. And perhaps a secret passageway to a cave.

  9. Ah, you all added to my Easter. Thank you.

  10. And where are the zucchini? Your garden is lovely and I'm drooling over your peach colored rose. Looks like one of the heirloom varieties.

    are you making a pond?

    (I've put the aloe tree in a much larger pot and placed it in the garden outside my backdoor)