Friday, April 17, 2009

Squeeze The Day

Some days nothing comes to mind, nothing seems quite right, nothing goes quite right. You feel kind of empty-headed, and adrift. Sad, but not in a targeted way. And on those days, what do you do? Drive around, hike around, go around and around. Maybe you take your arse to the park. (I've decided to be British this week.)

Sit on Henry Huntington's favorite branch.

Look at the last tree, the absolute one and only tree remaining from some xxxx-cene era. And feel a bit depressed by everything that brings to mind -- not that it's the last tree, but that the world is so old and comes back to some slimy moss and this rather ugly tree.

A fellow walker told me to admire the inflorescence, figuring I would know what that meant, and I oohed and ahhed over a cheeky little bird.

And then I got home and looked up the word (the spelling of which was a wild approximation). And inflorescence turns out to be this.

Well now I'm not just mopey, I'm also stupid. Pretentious sod, he could have just said flowers.

31 comments: said...

I hear ya, Yesterday I spent the day procrastinating. While you were visiting Palms I was hanging out with Mary at Dantes peak with a stop to view the murals at the observatory; (I will be paying for this folly today). That tree... does it come from some crevice in the way way way outback of Australia?

Mister Earl said...

The time is now 10 o'clock in the evening. The same 4 guys are in the same car.

"Well, whada ya wanna do?"

"I don't know, whada ya wanna do?"

"Hey, we've been driving for 7 hours."

"Hey, I got an idea, let's go to the drive-in and look at the girls."

"Well, here they are, but they're all from our high school."

"Wait a minute, there's a car load over there. There's a place right next to them, let's go get it."

"Don't look at 'em."

- From PaulTalk, Paul Stookie of Peter, Paul & Mary

PJ said...

Keep a stiff upper lip, old chap, or you'll drop your pencil.

The tree looks like a torreya/gopher wood. We have them here in Florida but they're hidden away in Torreya State Park so Noahs won't try to steal them. We went hiking, looking for some, and all we got were a lot of red bugs and one tiny tree. No Ark.

vw fountina

altadenahiker said...

The tree, which is at least two million years old (not this one of course, I'm not that stupid), is called the Wollemia Nobilis, and was discovered in New South Wales AU, in the mid 1990's.

So pretty good guess PA, and it is a conifer PJ. They won't even tag this tree at the Huntington, because they're afraid of poachers.

Like the script ME.

Petrea said...

We have a Wollemia sprout. We received it as a gift. It's doing okay. I enjoyed reading about it.

I'd like to know where Mr. Huntington's favorite branch is.

I had kind of a bad day yesterday too. Better post this before the computer shuts down. See ya.

Wayne said...

At least you only feel empty headed some days. I'm empty headed every day.

I didn't know what inflorescence was so now I'm marginally less empty headed.

Laurie said...

I know I shouldn't be laughing, but you can make even garden-based ennui funny.

You speak to the human condition, Ms. Karin. And I think "Admire the Inflorescence" should be on a T-shirt.

-K- said...

Somebody needs a snifter of coca wine.

I find it provides the most sublime mental and emotional inflorescence.

AmyR said...

But slimy moss is cool!

I would have though inflorescence is something to do with lighting - the way it filters through the plants or something. Who knew? Except that guy apparently. He was showing off. ;)

Jean Spitzer said...

I looked up inflorescence and I'm feeling smarter already. Was the fellow hiker British?

Cafe Pasadena said...

I understand, KB.
This day nothing comes to mind. I went around & around, but I feel empty-headed, and thrift.

I'll try again 2morrow.

altadenahiker said...

I'm so glad so many of us had problems with inflorescence. It's a stupid word, and as K said, possibly drug-induced.

Susan C said...

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the infloresence.

That was a new one on me too.

Mister Earl said...

Studies show that prolonged exposure to inflorescence causes hepatic encephalopathy in rats.

But seriously, folks, did you know that the stem holding the whole inflorescence is called a peduncle.

Gotta go, my peduncle is coming over for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up, it looks like most of us had to look the bloody word inflorescence up, including me. But I have a different take on why your fellow walker used that particular word.

Something buried deep in my subconscious spoke out and suggested that the word was not just a noun. I dug out my big thick unabridged Webster's and discovered to my surprise that it also describes a process.

Perhaps your fellow walker felt your mood and was trying to get you to slow down and admire the continuum.

WV: bling (really)

Mid-Town G

Virginia said...

Guess what ? I didn't know what Inflorescence meant and was too lazy/dumb to even look it up. I figured Mr.E would tell us since it was probably his WV ! Really!

Petrea said...

I knew what it meant from Karin's picture. But it still sounded like a process, like Mid-town G said. But that wasn't enough to make me get out my dictionary, I just read the comments.

altadenahiker said...

Thanks G. I'm more inflorescence today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

dbscan said...

I didn't know what day it was.

vw rhugdog

Margaret said...

Ok. You shamed me into looking up the damn word, but my dictionary says it means "the complete flower head of a plant." So do all flowers have an inflorescence?

Ken Mac said...

one day shall we all be slime?

PJ said...

Margaret, it's worth going to wikipedia for this. If you're a gardener the diagrams of varying kinds of inflorescence are a gift.

bandit said...

I just paid $60 bucks for a Random Unabridged Dictionary, yet I envy your Webster's, Mid-Town.

I am upwardly mobile slime-I'll outlive you all!

Vanda said...

I spent Saturday morning planting trees in Valley Village, and Sunday wilting in my apartment. I would love some inflorescence right now. And a cold drink.

Cafe Observer said...

Ok,this is another day & things seem better, no longer empty-headed or a thrift. On this day I was able to do sumthing targeted, went to Target, even worked a bit on my own blog for once. Still, all I can say 2day is stay cool these daze, think positive, have a malt with your fav burger & fries, and be still.

altadenahiker said...

PJ's right. Who knew? (Well, we know who didn't.)

I'm totally inflorescing. Nice bit of knowledge with which to close down the weekend.

Tash said...

You shot a birdie! Very nice :)
I always wondered what those are called. Just think - you've now protected us all from feeling stupid when a pompous a#@$ says something like that.

Anonymous said...

I looked at Wikipedia too, I prefer the link at the bottom to the German Wikipedia where the original article originated from. Why? Because I can't understand any of it, except maybe das and und.

My Webster's had some of the same illustrations as the Wikipedia, but the Wikipedia was more complete. It had colored photos to go with the illustrations.

But Webster's also said this: "2 : the budding and unfolding of blossoms: FLOWERING"

If thats not a process I'll eat my inflorescence!

Bandit, no need to envy my Webster's, I got it for free when some people next door to me moved out in a very big hurry... actually they were evicted.

Mid-Town G

WV wordinici (word-incident? maybe)

Anonymous said...

Evicted by the DEA, I met to say. Something about
the smell of their inflorescence.

Mid-Town G

WV sparien

altadenahiker said...

Ha-ha, you and PA. I once found 10 volumes of Great Works of English Literature, published 1910, in my apartment's dumpster. I saved one, and found some pretty darned good long forgotten poetry.

Christina said...

The Huntington: a great place to take a lazy arse. I've been dragging mine there lately too.