Monday, April 27, 2009

We Are Not Amused

Glamour puss.

I may have a few embarrassing habits – a few things I’d prefer not to share, most on a par with, but not related to, cheating at solitaire. But these naughty tics pale in comparison – vanish in thin air -- next to my need to create and poison the atmosphere with wretchedly disgusting doggy nicknames.

This springs to mind because I was busted this morning. Someone was hidden by a hedge as I skipped by with my dog singing, “Pooh bear is my new bear is my shoe bear…”

I have a lot of puzzles and stuff to do, so I was thinking about not leaving the house for a month anyway.

(Max Factor Phoebe courtesy of Pasadena Adjacent.)


  1. Phoebe may not be amused, but I am. I actually do this too, so much so that strangers who overhear are confused as to the dog's name. It was done to me as a child--so, no generation skipping here.

  2. Send me that jpg of Phoebe. 15 minutes in photoshop and I can knock six years off her.

    chief wampum big turd

  3. Not directed at Phoebe

    terger sreggolb


  4. Well, Puddin, I woudn't trust anyone who didn't have a cute name for their poopies. And WHAT was going on behind the bushes anyway?

    wv pater

  5. NIcknames I can handle. Photoshopped eyelashes on a boxer just ain't right!

    My dearly departed Baxter was ALWAYS Baxtey Waxtey. Oh and his bath was always a "Baffy Waffy". Now I'm crying! I'm such a Dog Sap.

  6. we take care of enough pups that they ALL get the same nickname for a while...I'll fixate on one name and whomever I'm with gets it. Of late it's been Princess, but sometimes it is Booger-boo or Booger-butt. Of course, one pup EARNED his nickname honestly by digging into the trashcan at a certain time of the month...he's now "tampon breath/dumbass" for obvious reasons.

    Phoebe is darling and it is when they look like that when you just CAN'T get upset with them, no matter what they do.

  7. now thats better

  8. Butt-boy
    Booger Boy
    The Poo/The Pooper
    ________-Breath, depending on what he's been licking of late
    Poodle-Oodle (though there's no poodle blood in him)
    Sweet Pot

    There are more. Random stuff. None of this is witty but you become a Dog Sap, like Virginia said.

  9. Dottie, a blenheim cav named for the jewel on top of her head-

    squishface, wobbles, dottie-dot

    Bella Ann, a black and white rat terrier-

    mouseface, wiggles, pony-girl

    these baby girls are perfectly complementary; yin and yang personified.

    yes, I use the funny voice and sing them the puppy song...

  10. I'm so glad you all came clean. Or most of you -- Jean didn't have an actual confession; still waiting. Baffy Waffy makes me snort. Booger is popular in this household as well, as in Booger face. And who's got a squishy face, you big tough bandit (said in a really irritating squeaky voice).

  11. I've been known to call Ember "Embiwankenobe". That's probably the least embarassing.

  12. Jean, I like that one!

    Okay, I'll come really clean. I talk gibberish to Boz. Whole conversations. I mean, it's all tone of voice anyway, right? I talk him to sleep every night and most of what I say is meaningless. It takes about a minute until he's snoring away. He's so darling it makes me cry.

  13. I never was a fan of fake eyelashes, but on Pheobe they add a certain je ne sais quoi something.

  14. You homo sapiens! We can't trust y'all even for a minute. Luckily 4 u we are very patient & understanding with your ill species.

  15. I'm not even going to mention the nicknames we gave our daughter when she was a baby.

    Those eyelashes are fab. My dogs need some!

  16. (an octave above normal range):

    "Hi, Hunnee! Hey, Baybee!
    Ooh, you smell like a dog!
    Belly, belly, belly, belly, belly...kick your little feet, kicks your liddle feet!"

  17. Note I did not identify who I was addressing that to...

  18. B, I imagine that one's versatile.

    (Trish, I meant to mention I had a dog w/the same habit, and my roommate at the time was quite traumatized.)

  19. The doggy nicknames here mostly relate to Scouts larcenous tendencies: Butter bandit, being a favorite.

  20. Both issues in their early twenties are still referred to as Loafie and Drool Bucket.

    You're not trying to collect potential passwords off of us, are you? SUSPECTeeeweckty!

  21. Puddin! How could you!(adorable head tilt)

  22. One reason why I like cats. When I have lengthy conversations with them and call them things like "munchkinheads" no one hears me. But guess I just outed myself. ;)