Friday, March 27, 2009

Met Afore, and Met Again

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In my 20’s, I had a brief fling with a matchmaker. A boxing matchmaker, who was rather bigtime on the circuit. Still is; I caught his name in the news. We saw each other quite a bit for a short while. We traveled around, mainly to Las Vegas, to watch some of the fights.

I hated everything about Las Vegas, starting with the airport, middling with the mirrors on the ceiling and the sunken tubs, and ending with the characters. Even handsome boxers have faces that, up close, look like squishy silly putty -- especially around the eyes. Hey, what's that bit of cheekbone doing over there?

Besides, the fascination of boxing excapes me, especially from the front row.

And B wasn’t crazy about my lifestyle and friends either.

Perhaps most importantly, we were both shy and guarded in the same way. Conversation was difficult. We drifted painlessly apart.

A few years later and a few moves later, he located me for some reason, and wrote me a letter. A sweet and funny letter. I answered in kind. More sweet and funny letters travelled back and forth; sweeter and funnier.

And so we arranged another meeting. And damned if we weren’t frogs again; shy and guarded and without much to say.

Letters followed that meeting, and we were all sweet and funny again. Hello my honey, hello my baby ... We hooked up once more.


I don’t know who stopped writing first, probably me because sending a letter has always seemed like undue effort. The envelope, the stamp, and putting it in the mail and all. But it could have been him.

What does this little episode prove? I don't know; but perhaps one shouldn't pay too much attention to the fine print. Or you can't always judge the cover by the book. Something like that.


  1. Along somewhat similiar lines, when I'm alone, I'm remarkably gregarious. When I'm not, well..not so much.

    Along somewhat dissimilar lines, the first 4 letters of my WV are "UNIC" which is very phonetically disturbing to me.

  2. Weren't some of the best literary relationships, just that - correspondences, literaly.

    Or it proves that if at 1st you don't succeed, no use to try, try again. NO FROGS. Great subject for a delightfully well written piece, though.

    -K- Antoher distrubing thing is is what U(English you) nic(in Arabic) means.

  3. I've just been reading about the Ego vs. the True Self. Perhaps there was an ego or two involved and still is.

  4. If it wasn't him, it was a ghostwriter.

  5. I can't get past Las Vegas. I've been to Las Vegas once. I had my first ever migraine. Now I associate Las Vegas with severe pain. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

  6. It's the old adage: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Hey, or is it Out of sight, out of mind.

    I'm so confused...

  7. I had one of these, sort of. I knew a guy in Chicago; whenever we ran into each other we hit it off--kidding, flirting, sparring (yeah, I said sparring). So we'd say, "let's get together" and go on a date.

    And the date would be a bust. We'd be shy.

    After a few months we'd run into each other and go through the same cycle. Flirt, spar, date, bust.

    I moved here. He married someone else. So did I. We're still friends after 20-some-odd years.

    I think it was an intellectual connection, but we were young and didn't recognize that at the time.

    plurs. Sweet, huh?

  8. I heard McCarran is/was crap to land in because of a mean crosswind.

  9. Nic in Arabic? Couldn't find it.

    Mlle Gram: You nailed it.

  10. When you said "match maker" I thought he made matches. You know, the burning kind. A tad old school I know, probably because I recently read an article about Ivar Kreuger who was a Swedish industrialist who nearly achieve world monopoly in safety matches a century ago, but then turned out to be a Bernie Madoff of the time.

  11. Well K, you are gregarious as all get out today! UNIC. I'm still laughing.

    What a great piece. I can't get past you piled up on the first row at a boxing match in Vegas!!! And I thought "matchmaker" meant someone that matches people for dates like or something. I was way off as usual.

  12. Miss Havishham, I'm dyin' here. I feel so smooth....

  13. why "michigan" j frog I wonder..

  14. I think I was learning to love Las Vegas a little bit before you were learning to hate it. It was the destination of my first airplane ride. A big yellow Hughs aircraft. My story did not involve romance.

    Fours a charm? bite my lip?

  15. ahh ... yes ... did not think about the date! A bit of a knife edge that AFJ thing.

    It would be sad if we did not have a bon-mot from vous every coupla days, though.