Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blogger Picnic: For those who were with us in spirit or ... How Much Is Too Much Sangria?

We look like a disreputable chorus line. Photo from the Debbie Swanson Patrick collection.

Can someone take a photo that makes 50 people (in and out, off and on) look like six? Well, if anyone can, that someone is me. Read my booklet if you'd like to find out how. (I'll be shopping these photo tips and more to mags next week.)

But we did have enough food to feed a small, gourmet-inclined nation (sorry, no pictures of that). Drank lots of sangria (whoops, what happened to that shot?).

And we did raise a glass to all of you. A sweet and poignant moment that was entirely missed by this reporter's camera.

In any case, you were with us in spirit, and in spirits we were with you.


  1. Oh I feel the love all the way down here in the sticks where I remained since KM forgot to come pick me up. I'Ve seen your pics, Cafe Pasadena's, and Boz's Mom's. So WHERE was the fried chicken, potato salad and deviled eggs? What kind of an picnic was this? Oh let me guess.... sushi, wasabi peas and all that California stuff. Exxxxccccuuuuseee moi!
    PS Thanks for raising a glass my way. I faced west at sundown and did the same.

  2. Well, let's say it: Ken Mac is a cad and a rogue and kept emailing me for gas money.

  3. KB, I read your booklet. It's out on de Internet already. You can't beat the price either.

    Next time we should advertise, All You Can Drink BEER. That should lure Ben Wideman out of his cloister & into a blogger party.

    V, y'all should know we all had de fried chicken. It was from Popeye's, and, of course, from down in your parts - KENTUCKY- as in KFC! Eaten in remembrance of y'all down under.

  4. don't sell yourself short. I think you made 50 people look like 12.

  5. Anonymous is funny.

    At least you remembered to bring your camera. Between schlepping salad and sangria and a big box of who knows what, I completely forgot mine.

  6. The Sangria was delicious and yummy and everything good, but my favorite really was the pomme frittes.

  7. Hear that Anonymous? Taking a good photo isn't everything; cooking up a mess of mandolined spuds in quarts of canola oil is. (I count 13. You missed an elbow.)

  8. Ah, pomme frites --- mai oui! Once Spawn #2 discovered those, it was hard to pry him away! And once the sangria was decanted, it was hard to pry ME away!

    Don't sell yourself short on the food shots, either, K. You have the immortal "Bloggers Rock" cookie in its native state!

  9. Mlle G. was supposed to bring the deviled eggs. She has the best recipe which she REFUSES to share. When she's invited to the party, no one else can bring deviled eggs because the comparison is embarrassing.

    Yesterday, she DID NOT bring them. It was a travesty.

  10. Hee-hee - I'm going back to count the 12 people.
    Congrats to you and your fellow Altadenians on a great picnic. I think I vacuumed up enough food to last me till next weekend-I can't believe there were some of your shoestring fries left by the time I discovered them.
    & thanks so very much for the MFK book - what a wonderful gift, I shall enjoy it, esp. the photos.

  11. Would that have been 'round 'bout
    1:00-1:30 Pacific time?

    I was working on a rehab meth house off of Rice St. in Frogtown
    when the crew suddenly popped into my head. ( I'm a drywall whore; I'll do anything for money)

    I took a break and tipped my Mountain Dew. Then I coughed up a lung; them carpetbagger/investor slum-landlord rehab shacks are nasty! Didn't deter my respect for you guys though.

    I'll check out those other sites and pics-I'm glad you had fun!

  12. they may be shoestring potatoes in PVP, Tash, but they're pomme frites in L'altadena.

    Oh bandit, that sucks. Had we known we would have fed-exed you some bacon wrapped figs and shoes...I mean, pomme frites.

  13. Between your canola oil frits and my Carver school mood enhancing crispies, we could pull up a couple of easy chairs and listen to our arteries harden.

  14. Mais oui, pardonez-moi! Must be the 300 ft of higher altitude that separates us Baja-LAers from the Alta-LAers in culture. :)
    Fritz-schmitz - whatever, they were GREAT!
    Both that & PA's 'chicken' dish brought back tasty memories of childhood. A meal was not a meal if I did not have fried potatoes (sliced thin like potato chips, and fried in oil but only once.)
    And gooey, very sweet desserts - goes w/o saying.

  15. PS - re my post today - must be the pastels.

  16. That partial group shot doesn't look like a take either KB or I wooda took. Too respectable. And, the airbrushing makes everyone look younger than they are.

  17. Well you all had waaayyy too much without moi! I do however appreciate this virtual experience. Maybe next time I will have hit the lottery and can jet out there and crash your "affair"!

    My WV is CRAMM , as in cramm as much fried chicken in yo face as you can!

    Cafe Pasadena ( my new best friend), we don't DO Popeye's down here. We're more "upscale"!

  18. It was hairbrushed, not airbrushed, CO, that's why I'm in the photo and you ain't. Don't make friends with him Virg, I think he bites.

  19. We had fun, didn't we? What a nice day! As the giant cookie said, Bloggers Rock! (And cookies don't lie.) I posted some photos on my site as well, including one that I stole from yours.

  20. Yes, we all had a grand time, PIO. Especially now!

    Kentucky Fried isn't from Kentucky??

    KB, you mistake me for kCh's hound.

    Otherwise, uh, let me get my doggy tail out from between, ahem, U2 women.

  21. crib sheet:

    the "moon" is always autumn,
    unless otherwise described
    "crows", a symbol of "cold" winter
    winter's ghost "lingers" in spring "mist"
    "frogs and crickets", well you know
    in Minnesota, its now "road construction" until it gets "too f##kin' cold" again

  22. Well, I saw the video and everybody was still vertical at that point. I love sangria, especially when the citrus is completely soaked through.

    Bandit, I used to live in Minneapolis. It sounds like times are tough but I think you're poetry will see you through.

    My word is skies.

  23. If my word is ever 'uffda', PJ,
    then I'll run screaming from here.
    Yah, you betcha!