Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We're social animals

And naturally curious. As I work on something possibly or impossibly lucrative, I thought you might like to meet a few other bloggers on their home turf.

(I get invited out and over because I'm charismatic and popular. There's simply not enough me to go around. You, on the other hand, are probably accustomed to living vicariously. So enjoy, this one's for you.)

I kicked off the day with Miss Havisham. A little tea for me; I don't know what she was drinking. Whatever it was, it left rings on the table that she kept wiping with Pledge.

Petrea & Susan cornered me for lunch. The corner was small and uncomfortable and surrounded by dead, fatty yet indeterminate tissue.

Laurie & husband introduced me to their daughter and a couple of nephews (or nieces, I couldn't rightly tell). They made me take a matching ski sweater for Albert.

K wanted to show off his bachelor pad. I kind of liked his smoking jacket, but he said the velvet pants made him itch.

Mike & Earl continued their fight. "French poodles," one shouted.

Virg & I were supposed to go out for cocktails, but she was still getting dressed.

(You know, I can only make so many visits in one day. But I have family photos of everyone. TK, as they say, to come.)


  1. Thanks 4 leaving this K9 out of that discredited group of homosapien "blogger's."

    KB, I dunno what you mean by "smoking jacket", in these days of No Smoking. Maybe it's related to do your yesterday posting

    But, yes, you are de most popular girl in class. Or, is it the classiest? I dunno. But, I think it's one of those.

  2. The ski sweaters are snazzi

  3. At first I was a little peeved that she hadn't called ahead. After all, what's the point of living in a gated community when the riff-raff can just come in through the bathroom window?

    But after a double brandy with a Fresca chaser, all was forgiven.

  4. I paid my $2 and have me an Exquisite Form at last. Now my cleavage is back where it rightfully belongs! Wayne, are you happy NOW???? KB, as soon as I'm through arranging my roses, we can have cocktails.

  5. A dogfight? Mike and Earl?

    Word is "difilish," which is certainly is full of the devil.

  6. I probably should have let Susan do the cooking. Then at least the dead, fatty tissue would have been determinate.

    Can't wait to see what you've got on CBDdot, not to mention Vanda. But be careful, she's got a treasure trove of family photos, too.

  7. You know for a second I really believed that was Miss H's abode. /blush

  8. Oh yes, I'm sure the others will be equally pleased. Now excuse me, there are other bathroom windows to climb.

  9. Wait til you see your house Vanda.

  10. My, what a lovely and varied group you mix with. Surely, your wit and charm ingratiate you to all who know you, and, of course, your beauty is unparalleled and those who know you are secretly jealous. Hence the indeterminate meat.

  11. I feel a chill. Would someone hand me my peignoir?

  12. 4 U, Miss Popular
    (I now see the resemblance...)

    V's is perfect! I just love that one. & Laurie's - most excellent. What a day you've had!

    Did you ever e-visit Kris in Tazmania - you might like his site.

  13. Stop by anytime. And I hope you'll come to love your ski-sweater inspired PJs as much as we love ours.

  14. At this moment, my decorator slave is tacking up green goddess fabric in pleated intervals on the walls of the dining room. The shades and curtains are on order. The chair backs are being cross-stitched by the Bastard Sons of Mason Williams Ladies Auxillary Eastern Stars of North Lake Avenue.

    Last night at the Rancho we were so amused by the friends from the seed inZanes. We talked about you, of course. It's you, you, you!