Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seed Exchange at the Zane Grey Estate

Want that special invitation? You might have to dig some dirt.

Worked for me. (Nice machine; do they have wifi?)
I skulked around a bit. (Oh for God's sakes, I didn't take anything.)


  1. Seed XXchsange?

    That's a Novel way to put it from a writer. We dogs usually just do...well, 4get it.

  2. You guys have to work REALLY hard to twist that. But you're hard workers.

  3. I love that typewriting machine and all the available booze.

    It's driving me inZane. Too dizzy to hike home. Must take "busses"

  4. Fun Fact of the Day*:

    "...Grey, who had learned basic dental extraction, made rural house calls as an unlicensed teenage dentist until the state board intervened."

    *per Wikipedia

    [Word verification - Prappo]

  5. My husband is named after a character in a Zane Gray novel.

    I learned to type on one of those machines. My grandfather had nicked it from the Western Union office where he worked in the Depression.

    I also thought impure thoughts about "Seed Exchange."

    And my word? grabrest. Something that happens, no doubt, at the finest seed exchanges.

  6. Following behind K Factoid: Zane Grey built his mansion on Catalina island directly across from Wriggly's mansion. Pissed Mr W off to the point that he purchased the land in front of Greys home and installed a bell tower that he had programed to ring on the hour. File this under "I hate rich people when they display impure actions"

    *Tour guide

  7. Pax. PAX! I laughed so hard I chocked on my beef jerky.

  8. Any impure thoughts I may have had revolved around the dress with most of the front missing.

    If everyone else hadn't picked up on the title it would have gone right over my head.

  9. * per Wikipedia: choked.

    What is it, a full moon? I'll never be able to say seed exchange again. Uh, let's see, germination items? No, that doesn't work.

  10. ...small things that increase in size with heat and moisture? No, still not right.

    I want to know who opened the door to a plier-wielding teenager and said, "Yes, my tooth hurts."

    Word (honestly) storys

  11. I usually say "seed swapping," but that doesn't sound any cleaner.

    That was a fun event on Sunday. We sure have a lot of interesting people in Altadena.

  12. But where is his mistress' house?
    (I think I read about that in Coleen's "Hometown Pasadena" guide (did I tell you that it's excellent?)
    My husband is a big fan of the books...we've got a whole bunch of them. Must be like romance novels for men.

  13. PS - love the building photo and I want my desk to be just like the 3rd photo...sigh.

  14. I'm with Wayne, a scary thought, the title went over my head and i thought I pretty quick. I however, did not get any cheap thrills over the babe with the missing bodice. Oh and KB, read your comment on my blog today. You're starting to talk like me! Not a good sign.

    PS I'm with you on the plier wielding teenager. You're hilarious.

  15. Perhaps some scientific nomenclature would help. For example: agricultural seed exchange, as in zucchini, asparagus, bananas?

  16. The PAX comment I get, PA. So KB just kept on digging herself into a deeper hole. She didn' even have to work hard at it either.

    Now, I dunno if I even like my comment here(!?) But, it was wise of her to switch to a new post, ASAP.

  17. I think all of those Zane Grey people should produce a play up there in the house and call it Zane Grey Gardens.

    Who would be the Big Edie character?
    And Little Edie who wears a sweater on her head fastened with a jewel, a swimsuit as a skirt, and a shower curtain as a blouse? This is not a joke. Not everything is fun and games, you know, Ms. B. Sometimes we have to be dead serious. (not that dead)