Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rescue Zorthian and let the boxing begin

Bet you didn't think I could tie Part Deux of Altadena's infamous Zorthian ranch

with a walk at boxer rescue today. Watch this.

Remember how Zorthian was known for his love of women partially or, better still LIVE, LIVE, TOTALLY NUDE? Today I had cocktails and nachos with some artistes infamous in their own right: Amber, Tangerine, Crystal, and Boom Boom.

Though liberal with the eyeliner (and who isn't?), most were on their best behavior. (Here are the first three. I have one of Boom Boom as well, but modesty forbids.)

Aside from the nude dancing girls, Zorthian was known for his reclaimed art. It might be good; it might be great. It might be a load of crap. To be honest, I have no idea. But here are a few shots of his art as I found it that day.

Many thanks to my friend Victoria, without whose help I would have been stopped half way up the trail. (She's one of those charming people.)


  1. What beautifies. I hope they find good homes. Oh, and the art too.

  2. Dogs will love anyone who loves them. That can be a good thing, if you're a dog.

    As for the art, I find the most compelling of these photos to be the one of the dusty barn where paintings hang alongside stirrups and vintage power line insulators. I am mesmerized.

  3. I love glam dogs best.

    Who is Dabney whom Zorthian loves?

  4. We're adults; we'd like to see Boom Boom.

  5. The doggies are adorable. The found art is fun. Eeek, don't point that camera at the sun. Is that a bunny rabbit on the railing?

  6. Ha ha Vanda, I have no rules, I have no boundaries, I have no taste. Because I know nothing about photography, that photo was my favorite. As if sunlight fell like rain.

    Ignorance can't be overrated.

  7. Load of crap is what the artwork brought to mind. THe dogs are cute as can be and I'd take one if I were there. What was Boom Boom doing??? Oh never mind. I can imagine.

    LIke the top photo. You're getting there girl.

  8. Walkies with a lot of lovely boxer ladies who do not seem bitchy at all - what a nice thing to do. I like the last hodge-podge of steel - looks artistic to me & the sign Z-squared = ART is cute. That can't be left over from the Zorthian day.

  9. Yes it was Tash. Zorthian lived a long life -- born 1911 and died 2004. Hmmm, maybe he was on to something after all.

  10. I looked up your bud, Zorthian. Somehow his name reminds me of the catchphrase in Galaxy Quest:
    "By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged."

    "By Zorthian's......"
    I haven't thought of anything, yet.

    It's so nice to see boxer dogs without their ears having been nipped into pie wedges. Also, I saw the earlier posting and I hope yours is okay. I have a very soft heart for ailing aminals.

  11. Who's Dabney?

    When you enlarge the next to last* photo I see "Love Dabney."


    To me, "penultimate" just does not sound like it means "next to last."

    Guess what my Word Verification was...

  12. I'm charming tooFebruary 16, 2009 at 4:47 PM

    I'll bet I would have gotten in, no problems.

  13. yes indeedy...I can see how you might get visitors by the truck load on this post.

    I'm rather partial to Tangerine. My horse was white. In general, I like white animals.

    The photo with the David in it is my favorite. Reminds me of what the ranch looked like back when I visited. Tastefully arranged clutter. Back in his youth Zorthian's found object art was really very good. I saw a bit of it documented at his recent retrospective held at the Pasadena Armory. Dabny was a lovely woman.


  14. Dabney was Zorthian's second wife. Love is micio, for sure.

  15. Puppy dogs AND Zorthian? Better than Reese's PB cups - you're spoiling us!

  16. Anon, that picture is all things micio. I like you, even if you're not genuine. SDFG, that is my intention. (My crops are drowning, and the dogs won't leave the house.)

  17. Zorthian may have enjoyed the Boom Booms of the world but he married the daughters of high society.

  18. Plus the boxers themselves are nude. Jirayr would have loved that!

    Jerry's wife Dabney was a great friend who always had a complimentary word for me and my work. What a dear, dear woman she was.

  19. Anyone who calls their dog 'face to its face is alright in my book-
    btw, accidently found your site
    when my cursor hovered over 'The Westerner' in my blog-and you remember Walter Brennan's caricature gait, first displayed in 'To Have And Have Not', I believe.

    Haiku Bandit Society

  20. Regarding 'ku and difficulty;
    obviously, it's essential to have a stunted attention span.
    I wish I had pics of squishy,
    mouseface and ol' cha ki-
    I'll have to ask someone under 30
    for assistance; if they can be trusted...

    strange bedfellows
    long in the tooth
    and saddle

    thanks for making me grin.