Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just a quick flip through the scrapbook

To show you how deceptive some websites can be.

Edgy artist PA is actually a huge mouse fan, as is all the family.

Chris is also taking much (too much?) time away from his thriving networking business.

Tash, our aeronautics engineer, often calls in sick and sends the kids to an after-school program.

KenMac has never actually been to Greenwich Village, though he hopes to take his minivan up there some day.

Vanda really likes granite countertops, as well as some other decorating tips from the women's magazines. (The Jello salad was amazing.)

And Margaret ... well Margaret is taking a breather from her feminist essays and working on self-actualization.


  1. Careful what u say, bw...she's not finished.

  2. Well why couldn't I have had Margaret's photo??? Oh yeah, I know. Never mind. I need more "structural equipment". And I would have known Ken Mac anywhere!

  3. Oh yes, I have one more round to go.

  4. I'm waiting for Ben's photo...

    (And really jealous about PA's sports jackets.)

  5. You know, I would so totally love a living room like that. It's hard to get all that retro stuff these days, but it would be worth it.

  6. Btw, have you noticed that men's pants had always such flat fronts back then? And what's up with all the matching clothes?

  7. Those matching outfits in the top photo are just plain creepy!

  8. Dale - YU R amazingly funny, clever & ... popular (did I say popular)...thank goodness that only the drink is green/I thought that if I was on your visitation list, I'd end up as Elfaba after my comment yesterday. - Chip.

    V. - we all want to be Margaret.
    P-Pio - I don't see anything wrong with the matching jackets - I'd recognize Ramona anywhere by now.

    I see ben in striped slacks on a banana-seat bicycle...

  9. Oh, Ken Mac! I'm in love!

    I'm a little jealous of Tash, although I was feeling high and mighty about my Spam for a while there. But I'll get over it. I'm happy for you, Tash, really I am.

    True, C.O., she's not finished. You've been strangely quiet. :)

  10. I want to see the outfits on top sitting on that couch near the bottom.

  11. I'm really quite impressed with myself. So glad you could capture the real me and my braless love of bling.

  12. I told you that bit about the mouse in the strictest of confidence! Was it worth it to slander my families good name in order to curry more favor amongst the blogger community? for shame...

    About the jackets: I made them myself because after all, I am crafty
    (Car Coat Pattern Simplicity #4110)

  13. The more I think about it, I need to be careful, I could poke somebody's eye out with those things!

    Made any cute little Spam canapés lately?

  14. ha ha ha,,,you have outdone yourself yet again!!! hilarious. And where did you find that stuff! ??

  15. No, Virginia, but I made Prune Surprises with marshmallows and jello squares, and the gals at the club just loved 'em!

  16. Petrea,
    OMG! recipe forthcoming???

    You're yucking it up and all the while wearing those polyester slacks?? Your gal pal is gonna drop you like a bad habit in that get up!

    Ben, your number's coming up soon. Hang on brother.

  17. Couldn't be easier.
    Jello squares
    Stick 'em together like shish kabobs and put 'em on a plate. Serve with martinis and nobody cares.