Sunday, January 11, 2009

aMAHzing! It's another boxer advenchur

Don't ask me Virg, I was out sailing yesterday. I get back and my matinee smells like a locker room, jujubes all over the floor, with talk about who's man enough to sleep with a French Poodle. Never leave your movie palace in the hands of self-appointed assistant managers.

Tapioca and Dobie were adopted yesterday. So I walked a couple from the infirmary (this little girl has mange, but is just full of good humor. Won't be ready for adoption for a couple of months.

And then I walked a couple of favorites.

Tangerine (I made her smile in the sun).

We were on Tuxford when we heard gunshots across the street. Some burly Pick a Part guys hid in here.

Tangerine stood her (our) ground, and barked furiously in the direction of the gunfire. She's fearless; I had no choice.

And then a three mile trot with Rookie -- Mr. Perfect.

If only I could swing my camera as something other than a lethal weapon, as Truant muse can, you'd see why Rookie is perfect in all ways.

But in general, the day was beautiful, if you can look far and away. Warm, warm. Almost like summer. And I did get to say good-by to Dobie. (It was kind of mushy.) He was one of the first dogs I met here; it was back in September, and he was in the infirmary. In fact, I think I took him on the first walk. And many walks since then.


  1. dang, girl, you be careful...that's a rough bit of town. Robby and I used to board not far from there!

    hey, my word is stiabled. Is that when you keep your horse in a sti? hm....punkin is kind of a pig.

    in other news

    YAY FOR BOXER-DOPTIONS!!! New homes for cutiepies!

  2. I second the "be careful" comment. I'd miss your "Blue Hat" remarks. That said, it is very cool that you volunteer at the shelter. Very cool indeed.

  3. You are one cool cucumber!!! But I agree with everyone else: BE CAREFUL!!!

  4. Hurrah for finding homes for Tapioca and Dobie.

  5. kB, I recommend you put up pics of Halle, Angelina, Tina, Petrea, Rosario, etc. instead, and you put up more dogface?

    AmaZing! Be Careful.

  6. Good times for the doggie.

  7. Tangerine is much prettier than I am, don't put up my picture for dog's sake. C.O. you're funny.

    What a crappy neighborhood. I guess that's why it's zoned for dog shelters. The amazing thing is that you went out for another walk after that. I take it you didn't take the same route?

  8. While your ducking gunfire maybe you could jog on over to Glenoaks and up Pendleton to the Los Angeles Waste Management facility. I could use an update on one of my projects. Ring the bell and ask for Robert dead animal pick up guy. Despite his vocation he's a sweet man with a preference for living creatures. Mine is NOT the giant avacado.

  9. I know that pick a part place, have been photographing around there. At least they were not shooting at the time.

    What did you think of those old cars hoisted up on poles withe mannequins sitting in them?

  10. I love how you casually mentioned the gunfire and kept on going with your story. Ho hum! You are some tough cookie KB. Pick a Part guys. That sounds like something off Saturday Night Live. Get a photo of those guys for us next time. And if they bend over.. don't look. Trust me.

  11. Miss Havisham's SecretaryJanuary 12, 2009 at 7:10 AM

    You are just racking up the karma points like crazy.

  12. You know, I'll bet little-heartland-America Monrovia is more dangerous than Sunland. PA, sure I'll visit your shrine -- is it open on Sundays? And Vanda, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Those gutted cars are so creepy anyway, when they're not trying.

  13. You are one of the good guys, AH. And those doggy faces just made my day.

    (Funny how we can get almost blase about gunfire after living in LA for too long. When I lived in Venice, I heard it regularly. In retrospect, it now freaks me out.)

  14. I see a potential tile on that first photo.

  15. Hey, Sunland isn't *that* bad. Sure, you can't throw a rock without hitting a meth lab, and you've got your errant gunfire. But, the rent is super cheap, and I got myself out of debt living there for two years. And trained for a marathon without getting shot.

    God bless you for volunteering at the boxer sanctuary. I'm far too tender hearted to go anywhere near a place like that. They'd all be living at my house after the first walk.

  16. I'll always have a soft spot for Boxers. I had my Missy for 17 years until she went to puppy heaven in 1969. What a gal.