Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday in Sunland

Update: Can't miss this. (perhaps a couple of road apples for energy.)


Compliments of Truant Muse & shy sister.

Back to Sunland. Sun-land. Such a cheery name for a city. A city of wrecked cars and spent tires and blacktop, a place where the sun bakes and burns the crumbling concrete streets to release the scent of tar and rubber. Today there was the added attraction of hazy smoke, a smoke that smelled like industrial iron and rotted wood.

What better place for an afternoon run?

But the good news is, these boxers in Sunland are getting adoped. And the two posted a couple of weeks ago have a home. Maybe I helped? Or Petrea or Mike? And another one I'd planned to post was adopted this very afternoon.

I took out a new group for a spin, and each wanted to run, so we ran. Here are the creme de la creme, Mouchie & Dobie. Perfect in every way. They just need to pack on a few pounds.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must cough up a lung.


  1. My guess it was Mike who helped! If not that, then he was assisting someone with a notebook pc. I can't believe what a wunderful, great guy he is.

    That looks like a good family and one lucky dog.

  2. That's really cool that you do that!! :)

    The last time I was in Sunland was two months ago, when I picked up my dog's ashes at the pet crematorium there. So this is almost like the circle of life...

  3. That sweet family. That sorta scared dog. She doesn't know how happy she's going to be in a few weeks once she settles in and realizes those people are her pack!

    Kathy, I'm sorry you lost your pooch. That's family.

    Oh yeah, it was probably Mike, because he's such a wonderful guy like C.O. says.

  4. Ahhh, this post makes me very happy!

  5. Nice story, Karin. I'm thinking "adoped," with all its possibilities, was your word of the day.

    My word, right now, sounds like a disease that humans catch from trees: "pinewflu"

  6. Oh, this makes me so happy!

    And you really are a special woman to go out in that air yesterday. I felt like I needed a respirator.

  7. Good eye, Petrea. We think Delilah was somewhat abused (or at least whacked), because any sudden movement over her head made her cower. But she is a good, good dog. And this lovely family is perfect. The dad said, "I saw her on the boxer website and couldn't wait to get here. I knew she was the right one for us." Kathy, judging from your website you have a new hellion?

    And my word is "idallack." Weird, huh?

  8. This is the Sunny landscape that our mutual friend Jack Sulivan now keeps house. Hard to believe.

    Instead of letting Mr Slim go for a run, you could of headed over to Ms H's for left over Spam.

  9. If you're so tough, why didn't you run the marathon yesterday?

  10. I'm loving these dogs. The Obama girls should be so lucky.

  11. Dogs are warmers to the coldest of hearts. Even Miss H turns to mush over dogs.

    Here's to Delilah and her new pack!

  12. Everyone knows Ms H melts in your mouth and not in your hand. Oh wait a minute, that doesn't sound right...PA, Jack lives WHERE? Final word of serendipity: Shese.

  13. Sweet things. I'll have have a soft spot in my heart for boxers.

  14. Aw, the video is so cute of the miniature pony playing with the boxer.

    pw: monstra

    k thanks

  15. Wow - Cavoting is great. And the Beatles' Hippy Hippy Shake, now that's something!