Friday, November 7, 2008

Early morning at the old homestead. Welcome.

Had a word with the gardener. I fear he's cutting the grass too short. He's lovely though -- there's a game we play where he pretends he doesn't know me.

Took a brief turn around the cactus garden. Warmer today.

Sat a spell. Perhaps I'll see if Sears has some lawn furniture on sale; time for a replacement.

Took tea -- Japanese Lipton, then Chinese Lipton


Time for my medication.


  1. I woke up this morning out in the back guesthouse with someone named Stanley. He said he's a driver. (and boy, does he)I don't remember anything!

    I reached over for a tissue on the nightstand and pulled out a large emergency thermo blanket. Under my pillow I found a can of pork n' beans. My head hurts and I'm going home.

    Maugre all of the wine consumed last night, Stanley told me that I had invited the entire world to be my friend on Facebook-even people that utterly despise me or don't know me at all.

    Forgive me for leaving the place a mess, and Stanley (wherever he came from)and for not saying goodbye--I'm in somewhat of a univocalic constraint from the shock... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. MH, you certainly don't remember a thing alright! My name is not Stanley!!

    You may have noticed we Shepherds get around.

  3. Isn't Stanley the name of your dog AH? Have you checked your bed? Did you leave your medication on my night stand? I'm still a little confused myself. Tell Vic to get out of your backyard.

  4. AH - I was going to ask if I could possibly stay in your guest house, because I'm sure it's much larger than my own digs. But it appears that it's -(clears throat)- being used.

    Maybe I'll just have to be content to stroll around the grounds until I feel at home..

    Oh well, I guess I'll go "consoce" myself with a nice frappucino.

  5. Looks vaguely familiar.

  6. Miss H, I remember a game similar to this, but I won't play it because I'm sure you'd win.
    PA: what idiot would name her dog Stanley? It's Albert.
    Mr. E: I wouldn't know. I'm afraid to check inside.

  7. K, I hope de morning weather is that good next Wed.

  8. i shall probe this lunchbox once I'm through making these snowcones.

  9. Say, those interlopers look familiar. Stanley? Albert?

  10. looks like a very beautiful relaxing place.