Thursday, October 9, 2008

the world is full of a number of things

I'm sure we should always be happy as kings. (RLS, I think.) Views from Lotusland today. You know, those two old parties a couple of snaps up are 400 years old. They think this market scare is oh so temporary and boring.


  1. Oh, these photos make me want to escape to Lotus Land. I'd love to go when the lotuses (loti?) are in bloom.

  2. The bull wins, matador on his ass hmmm.. defiantly made in Holland. I see frogs!

  3. I find LotusLand my ultimate antidote for that insidious nasty kind of stress -- I'm stressed therefore I am. This breaks that stupid loop. Wonder why no one ever wrote a really good bio or made a movie about Madame Walska? She's my hero.

  4. I am woefully ignorant about this place. I need more information. Where is LotusLand? Madame Walska? 400 year old statuary? I Google therefore I find or shall I shuffle off to the library? Everybody knows but me! Warning: This song will drive you crazy.

  5. mh, u gotta get out more. even i know LotusLand: it's a new piece of property in Montecito I just bot. A place for german shepherd's, the superior breed, to run free & go wild! I allowed the Hiker to take a couple of pix 4 her blog. I forbid her, however, to take shots of my rare Lotus cars.

    If I wrong about this, I'm sure someone will correct me!

  6. Library, what's that? Susan mentioned such a place in a post and I meant to google it. Here you go
    (I love Leonard Cohen.)

  7. I didn't know Lotusland either!

    These images are great.

  8. Ah, Lotus Land of dear Montecito.

    This estate wasn't always a place to escape. If I am correct it was a wealthy dowager that took in about 16 underprivileged young girls into her manse by the sea for weeks of office skill training. In 1942, a coquette (my mother) was one of those lucky ones. She tells of sitting on a grassy hillside reading a love letter from her beau in the Army (my father) when they were all called in to an emergency evacuation. Pearl Harbor was attacked and they were all sent home tout de suite.

    I wonder if this is the vetty same place mum describes.

  9. MH, I think, as a dowager (who was really an opportunist and adventurist) would have said, you're shittin me.

  10. I'm all agog. Do you have other stories? Where did you mom stay -- in the mansion? Did she meet Walska? I must know more.

  11. Main Entry:
    agog Listen to the pronunciation of agog
    Middle French en gogues in mirth

    : full of intense interest or excitement : eager (kids all agog over new toys)
    -Merriam Webster Dictionary

    I shall consult with the old woman immediately before she kicks it and report back. Promise.

  12. mh & ah, agog is so last century. i think the modern 21st century spelling of agog is now, "agoogle".