Monday, October 20, 2008

I love you, I hate you, I love you

There's no deus ex machina messing with my portfolio. Would it were, I'd have a chance. Wall Street is a bunch of bi-polar promiscuous 15 year olds who forgot where they left their condoms but decide to play anyway. I'm just sorry I wasted all that time learning about financial statements and PE's.


  1. K, didn't you "just say no!?"

    It doesn't work in my dog world but it was worth a try in yours.

  2. The stock market is manic-depressive six year old with add.

    I just reconfigured my 401K, so hopefully now it will lose my money slower.

  3. I've never pissed away over $40,000 in one sitting before.

    I hope this'll end all that talk about how much better it is to play the market than pay into Social Security ...

  4. Oh jeez. Bad day at the home office. I shouldn't look at the news. Ever.

  5. I know Tim, we're high rollers aren't we? I just knew, knew when things had an uptick yesterday, they'd crash and burn today. So I'm with Petrea. Just say no ... looking.

  6. I can't look anymore. So much of our savings are in high tech options.

    You can all stop laughing now.