Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An excuse for a picture I do not have

Dreams are, at best, only vaguely exhilarating or terrifying to those who dream them. I'm not talking about the life plan Iwantotbeagrandslamwinner Iwantotbeanastronaut kind of dreams, I mean the ones after you fall asleep. Still, what the hell, I'll forge ahead.

When I first quit my job, I had so many dreams about being in a car and lost. Circles, backing up, taking the wrong road, not recognizing the map. Once the car went up a hill and ran out of gas halfway, and I had to coast back to a freeway on- ramp. Sometimes I'd wake up from a nightmare but realize, of yes, I know how this seed was planted.

Then, in month two, the dreams got kinder. Tooling around, good views, pastures and such.

Last night I had a dream that I quit work and was driving home, down a very steep hill. In the distance, I saw a beautiful huge old building with towers (in my dream I said "edifice" but I really don't know what an edifice is). And the thought occurred, I've been driving this same road for many years and never ever noticed this building and the beauty of this building before. So I slowed down, then slowed down some more, and more, and the sky and the clouds and the building were so lovely, increasingly lovely.

Well, that's kind of it. There was a bit more -- maybe I said something weird that seemed profound at the time. Dreams are like that.


  1. I envy the female species for 1 thing 4 sure-the ability 2 dream nitely. If i could live that dream i might give up being a dog -temporarily.

    I wanna try my paw at interpreting your dreams but 2 sleepy now. Hopefully, another reader will give it a try.

    A bark out 2 U, K, 4 this!
    I'll be seeing you. And feeling you, in my dreams tonite.

  2. I wish I could have that dream. I rarely get enough sleep to enter REM stage. My 3 year old has never mastered the sleep-through-the-night thing. I've heard that sleep deprivation makes you crazy. Or is it forgetful? I don't remember.

    Love your writing, Karin. Please tell me you write fiction and I can read some of your short stories.

  3. L, I thought this whole blog of hers was fiction! No?

    Well, now you humans really have my dog brain spinning.