Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Altadena Hardware Late Breaking News

Dateline: Altadena
You heard it here first. Or second, or fifth. Has been sold but not lost. Owners of 50+ years are leaving for Olympia Washington,

but store will remain. Purchased by Steve's Bikes, I think. (What do you want? I'm a bad listener; I got distracted by the hammer display.) Some remodel, but sounds like we'll still be able to buy just the right nail right around the corner. The former owners were great -- never even blinked when I asked for a Jenny screw.

And I hope we never lose the old signage.

and love will prevail

Ancient artifacts point to eating premises on this site. Well, why not a bistro? Seriously, get an espresso AND a furnace filter. Pourquoi the hell pas? Pita and paint. Ham and hoses.


  1. That is sooo cooool. I hope there are more shots of the old, dying sites with lots of history, some we know and some we imagine. It's nice to see someone who is walking these paths and sharing. It kinda makes you miss the things you never knew.

  2. AH, per TR, Steve Salinas owner of an AD bike store is taking over the software place. He's gonna move his bikes next door.

  3. What a relief that they aren't closing!

    I think the new owners should add a bar so that we can get screws and screw drivers. Or nails and rusty nails. Just don't get hammered.

  4. Rake and bake!
    Routers and chowders!
    Hoe and joe!

  5. I appreciate it too, when words/names from the past are left alone. Kind of like the wine and cheese sign at the Hi Ho market (one time Trader Joes). The s/w corner of York and 64 has a similar brick building with a trace of the signage "Garvanza Hardware" I’m not 100% certain but I think that same kind of trace was done by the artist Bruce Nauman (he lived briefly in Pasadena) on a building on Raymond looking south from Colorado Blvd.

    I'm going to try your suggestion, They hydration went poorly (I stuck myself).

  6. P.S. I've elected/honored or bestowed upon you the title of blogger buddy award. I'm sorry, blame tash

  7. I award SC the comment of the day award!

    Even more impressive due to the fact she may have been hammered when she typed it.

  8. Hi Ho Market! Oh my, I remember that place. What's there now?

    Karin, I love these shots so much.

  9. Pippi, I've fooled around and sneezed my head off doing so. You can view the whole book by clicking on the preview without spending a dime.

    Who has a dime?

    Try it:
    Time Travels Through Pasadena at Twenty Minutes to Nine

    If you feel so inclined, let me know if it made you laugh, cry, or throw up. (ehsh)

    I'm not precious but I probably won't change anything-although I will keep it in mind for the next chapbook---which is burning at the moment.

  10. Your perfect post negates the need for me to even try. FAB! And Eleanor is staying! What could be better?