Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adam and Eve on a raft and sink 'em

I am now the official truck stop diner for the parrots of Altadena. They descend en masse at 8 a.m., promptly. Hundreds of them. Which is ok, because I need the business. What can I get cha, hun. Morning special? Camphor berries and a side of Eugenia. Juniper? Sorry hun, no substitutions. Watch your mouth. Next. Restrooms are on the first car to your left. TO YOUR LEFT, HUN, the one on the right is my ... oh, skip it.

They blend so well with the camphor leaves, you'd have no idea there are hundreds perched here. But hearing is believing. It sounds like a Hitchcock horror movie. Or a 12-year old girls' slumber party -- if the girls had a two-pack-a-day habit. Now, if you'll excuse me Hun, I have a couple more orders to place:

Burn one, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it!
One Dough well done with cow to cover!
Drag one through Georgia!


  1. What a hoot! said the other bird.

    I've got the same crowd over here. No peace!

  2. You speak parrot, Miss H? They're saying, "Let's head off to Karin's Koffee Kake Kafe. I hear the waitress there is easy."

  3. I'm not vetty good at it. I'm just guessing that an Adam & Eve on a raft are two eggs sunnyside top of a waffle and sink'em means drown everything in syrup.

    I feel sure they'd spit seeds at me, or chew, or even WORSE!

  4. Word of mouth (and beak) is a powerful thing. It can make ya' or break ya'.

    The parrots haven't caught on to the Carrier Cafe, but the squirrels love the free refills.

    Very funny post.

  5. They, or some close relatives, use to hang out at Layfette Park, off Wilshire. Not a quiet group of fellers...

    Do you know about http://californiaparrotproject.org/

    I don't know if the site is still in use but at one time they wanted to be notified about parrots and there current whereabouts.

  6. Camphor leaves? That's good to know. They make a racket, don't they! We had a flock for a couple years here but the crows must of chased them out.

  7. We dogs don't like eating birds much - they leave a fowl taste.

    On the other hand...
    Where's this easy KKK Kafe??

  8. A slumber party with a bunch of girls -pack a day habit----oh so true.

  9. They'll stop coming once the berries on the camphor trees are gone. Whatcha gonna feed em elsewise? -K- is right. They always sound like they're freaked out about something.

  10. Have you seen the movie, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill? It's about San Francisco's flock of wild ones. Very interesting.

    Today I saw a sign in South Pas where someone is trying to locate their lost parrot. I thought, "Well, he probably will just join the local flock. What could be more fun than that?"

  11. I'm glad you've taken them off my hands! I wondered when they'd move on to somebody else's trees. They're an institution in these parts, and we do love them, but it sure is nice not to be awakened early by all that squawking!

  12. Mr. Earl, I'm so glad you stopped by for a cup of joe and pie ala mode-ee. Your comments and stories are always a treat. I didn't see the movie, but I have the book. Charming.

    And Pasadenapio, the parrots found the map you left to my place. But did you have to tell them breakfast is at 8 sharp? (I'd ask you into the clubhouse but Mike was just here and he sheds so. Susan was going to hoover, but K needed to clean up his gallery.)

  13. AH (K):

    Maybe you can translate these for those of us lacking in diner know-how: "Burn one, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it!
    One Dough well done with cow to cover! Drag one through Georgia!"
    I think I've got the first one, but don't know what Dough well done is or Georgia.

    Now since you're into diner culture, maybe you'd like to explore some chicken-fried bacon:

  14. Always ready to oblige, Mr. Earl hun.
    1. Hamburger with lettuce, tomato & onion
    2. Bread and butter
    3. Cola with chocolate syrup

    (I should never have watched the video so early in the morning.)

  15. Re your message to me with slang - my favorite restaurant/diner slang is "bubble dancer."

    I wouldn't be surprised if you already know what it means.

  16. These shots are great. Those birds descend on our camphor tree for breakfast. Greedy little buggers...

  17. What happened to the parrots you put on your first post? If you let them go they probably told all the gang. I started feeding the song birds in my backyard. It was all so sweet with the birds perched on the ugly power line that runs up the last third of my property. Then one by one they were run out of town by the pigeons who then brought in the hawk who smashed the pigeons atop the power pole. It was a blood bath. I quit!.
    I wouldn't mind the parrots. I get up early so make them a map to my neighbors camphor tree (better yet, an ax to take down my neighbors camphor tree)

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