Wednesday, September 3, 2008

There go two of the nicest Denawegians around

Here is the famous and, with him, the Observer looking for life, or a cafe, not sure which.

I get to know a city through my feet, whether at home or abroad. Never went in for the cathedrals or monuments much, but the streets -- city streets, neighborhoods, alleys, private roads, parks. You walk a city, and it becomes yours. I remember once in Florence I bought a pair of beautiful new, high-heeled boots and proceeded to walk the bridges and streets, looking oh so chic (yes I did, you'll just have to take my word for that). I had an appointment to meet some new friends at a cafe later that evening. Well, at 8 p.m., I limped in to the cafe, my feet bloody stumps within my beautiful new, but it turns out very stiff, boots. Still, Florence was, is and always will be mine now. How could I forget?

In my humble opinion, among the great walking cities & towns of the world: Paris, Florence, Skein, Avranches, Seattle, San Francisco, Pasadena. What makes them great? You'll never fully know them. There's always something new to discover. Thanks Tim.


  1. I was lookin 4 Petreeah & one of your cafes.

    Oh, & thanks 4 reminding me to watch my back next time!

    You're still a sweetheart.

    Now, xcuse me, I have to walk down the block to one of my cafes.

  2. Petrea will do the real round up. Can't wait.

  3. Oh, the pressure's on me. What if the photos are bad?

    This is a lovely post. I like your story.

    It's true. You have to get out of the car, off the bus, off the train to learn a city. Your feat will teach it to you.

    Either that or you need to meet someone like Tim to show you around.

  4. I can relate to the intense pain for the sake of beauty, curiosity, and love.

  5. How astute you are Miss H. It was worth limping over the Ponte Vecchio.

  6. This was a great way to end the summer. I agree -- you really only get to know a place on your feet (altho' bicycling works, too!). My most memorable walks have been through Manhattan and Chicago (and I like the big cathedrals!) and my traditional long walk on New Year's Day -- some good times in Boulder, Colorado, and Pasadena. And a long walk is even better with good companions. Thanks!

  7. Now I've got "these boots were made for walking" stuck in my head!

    I love walking a city, too. I wish I had more time for it.

  8. You can get a whole lot of walking in between cathedrals, galleries, museums and cafes. With all those cobblestone streets, any shoe without rubber soles can be a danger. I feel bad about your stumps. Do you still have those boots?

    All Cafe Observer ever thinks about is food.

  9. Pa, just food? Me?? I think about more than only food.

    If you read my blog at least as much as Laurie, Petrea, & The Hiker, you would know that's absolutely NOT true!
    Food, peace,love & understanding, and also, well, like I said above...