Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rescue them

I'm signing in tomorrow for my first day at LA Boxer Rescue. I believe I'll be on walking detail. All dogs are special, but for me, boxers are especially special. Natural clowns, and children are their special delight. One of my favorite childhood memories is at five years old, sitting in the dog house with my arm draped around our boxer, watching the rain fall outside on a drizzling Seattle afternoon.

Several years ago I took a hike with a group of abused children (Sunshine House, I think it was called?) and my boxer Phoebe. The kids just hung on her neck as we walked on the trail. One little boy, though, stepped up to Phoebe and kicked her. She licked him in the face, and he stopped, then kissed her. And they were best buddies for the rest of the hike.


  1. This is great. I really love boxers, too. ANd it's odd that you posted this because I had a long discussion with our waitress at breakfast today about her new boxer puppy.

  2. Laurie, it must be Psychic Boxer Day. I just commented at Pasadena Adjacent about finding Boz at Boxer Rescue.

    Karin, how good of you to volunteer there. They are a no-kill shelter, and thank goodness for that. Boz lived there for over a year before we came along. Someone had adopted him then brought him back saying he was aggressive. It was a lie. Boz had a slight limp and they didn't want him.

    Boxer Rescue's policy at that time was to keep a dog and train him for a year when aggression's a problem. When we came along, Boz had just finished his year of training. So we got this perfect dog. He needed knee surgery to correct a congenital defect. He makes us a family and we love him madly. He's gentle and sweet, and the neighbor kids all run to pet and kiss him when they see him.

    Okay. I'll stop. But I could go on.

  3. Petrea, that is such a great story! I really must support this organization. I'm so glad they are doing it right. And lucky for you (and Boz!) that they do what they do.

    We got our two doggies from a rescue organization on the West Side. Animal rescue people are a special kind of wonderful.

  4. Aren't they, though? There are a lot of them in the area, too. You can get a purebred anything, even a puppy. But I recommend mutts.

    I understand the Pasadena Humane Society is really great, too.

  5. Oh god, I'll write more about this experience. I just feel overwhelmed right now -- it was a little heart breaking, but very heartwarming, and I fell in love with the dogs I walked, but most particularly two of them. I'll be volunteering one day a week -- just a few hours, but any hour for the pups is welcome. If anyone would like to donate old blankets, I know it would be welcome and I could pick them up. These little (and some not so little) guys are so loving, and so willing to please. Their hearts are just so wide open and on their sleeves.

  6. I've never understood not loving dogs. I'll go look through my blankets. Towels, too. They love towels. Can they use towels?

  7. Count me in for old blankets and towels too.