Monday, September 22, 2008

My absolute last post on this topic

For at least a week.

See this old scoundrel? Well, what you don't see is that he's lame in his two back legs. Hit by a car years ago. Oh, he gets along just fine, a canine Walter Brennan.

What you also don't see is that he's the nurse at LA Boxer Rescue. Most boxers here have been pets, and given up for financial reasons. But when dogs arrive that have been severely abused, used as bait in dog fights, tied to trees and left to starve -- and just about any other cruelty you can't think of -- when these dogs arrive who don't, can't trust the ground they walk on, this grizzly partner is there for them. Goes on walks with them, lays in the shade with them, wades in the pool with them. Gets them to trust again. Oh, and steals their milkbones.

Walter here is an incredible beggar. He knows the limp and the gray beard, and all his work in the nursing industry, will get him a treat. So though he's there for his charges, he is also there any time your hand is within five feet of the treat bag. You're about to hand that milkbone to another dog, but Walter's limp gets more pronounced, he sucks in his cheeks, his eyes get big and moist, and...Missed it? Don't worry, the second show is in five minutes.


  1. Boxers??
    Yeah, right.
    We have bigger ears, and bigger...well, I better just stop right there and just say, they have nothing on our breed!

  2. We cat people enjoy spying on you dog people. In fact, we sort of like your boxer rescue stories and hope you don't stop telling them. That Walter is a noble brute with an engaging smile. Tile update please!

  3. Beautiful. I already love Walter.

    Oh, and count me in as one of the rare breed of combination cat people/dog people.

  4. Lots of charisma, huh? Quite the man about town. I'm surprised he didn't have a cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth. Guess not while on duty.
    And hey, I like cats! (PA, no kiln firing last week, so I'm still in suspense.)

  5. I like cats, too, but Boz doesn't tolerate them so we don't have any right now. How can you not like cats and dogs?

    Walter's a sweetie. As far as I'm concerned you can post about dogs every day. I know how easy it is to fall in love at Boxer Rescue.

  6. Boxers are sweet, and funny. My kids used to put men's tightie whities on their Boxer. She didn't seem to mind. Walked all day in them. No apparent embarrassment.

  7. This photo brings a tear to my
    eyes. My son just lost his boxer
    after 13 years of a wonderful
    friend ship. Rest in peace Gordie.