Sunday, September 21, 2008

Live and learn, but first of all live

And learn the good stuff.
(boxers at LA Boxer Rescue)


  1. I don't remember what I stated in the past but if this is a revision, so be it. I think the term "cute" is applicable to animals (just don't call art cute). The third picture: that dog has the largest tongue I've ever seen. Is this a boxer trait? I like the way you photograph animals. They're cute/funny!

  2. Thanks pa -- they just stared straight into the lens like professional models. Shake your ears, dahling. Tongue-wise,no, I think it was my angle. Or maybe not -- I'll give him a look next week. susan, thanks for the kind words on the Rescue post.

  3. It must be Boxer Time in the big city. I thought I posted this yesterday. I must have reviewed it and not published. Senior moment?
    I was walking from my garage up the stairs into my house a few days ago, when skittering up the stairs behind me was a boxer pup with collar and no ID and undocked tail. As I turned around toward him, he made a move to run away. Whereupon, I brought to the party my pooch speak. “Hey, buddy, come here, daDadaDAdaDA.” He skittered back toward me. I put my finger in his collar and he followed me up the stairs, tail wagging, in total unfamiliar heaven! It was now decision time. There was no way I was going to let him go. However, I have a 170 pound, 6’3” tall when standing with his paws on my shoulder, male Great Dane who becomes a tsunami about the house when he finds someone with whom to play. I also have a 60 pound mix of, perhaps some pit, a tad boxer, and sprinkles of whatever was in the hood for several generations. She is alpha and will play forever, likes to be submissive, ‘til she gits a tad pissed. That’s when I usually trot to the vet for the requisite stitches. She is never the victim.
    I took a bungee rope and slipped one end under her collars and we walked down the stairs to await the fates. After some 15th minutes, as I was in the process of costing the redesign of the manor, a car passes emitting a shriek, “Manny!” or something of that nature. Manny’s interest peaked with a dervish of circles entangling me in the bungee as the owner made a U-turn and came back.
    A happy owner, pooch restored, and estimated $6K savings to the manor which would not include costs for pending divorce based on a previous conversation ‘bout dogs & destruction.

  4. Well good for the boxer, and good for your house, and good for your marriage! good man, gunga din.

  5. These dogs are so lovable. Homes! Homes for all!!!!!