Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I call this post, quite simply: The Tile

I know you're still marveling over the pasadena adjacent post, and yes, it was brilliant. But take a deep breath and clear your palette.

First the disclaimer. With some brief calculation, I guess this tile cost me $175, including instruction, projects gone awry, and supplies. Or, to look at it another way, $17 an hour, my labor costs not included. Or include my labor and it is, let me see, yes, times zero, carry the zero... Well, never mind with that.

But golly gee whiz, I love my tile! More than my pressure cooker! More than my cutlery! I'm not going to taint its portrait with my ragged Norwegian doll.

I'm going to prop it on my nightstand so it is the first thing I see in the morning. I have two views: With flash and sans flash. With flash you'll see those speckles in the night sky are not flaws after all. ONononono, they're stars. And one picture may be on its side, but I'm an artist now and can't be bothered with technicalities. Tilt your head.


  1. Tres Cool! First Impression. Robinson Jeffers’ Hawk on a terror mission. Great eyes! Second, the cat that protects my Great Dane. He’s too cool to fight. I’ll bid for it when you have your first show. I’m serious. I collect friend’s works. I want it. First dibs! I’ll give you your first profit

  2. Don't you just have to love your first tile? I love mine too. Yes prop it up, visit it often. Really, it came out well. Brava! to the mud gods

    Your numerical calculations are so true. This is the advantage you have coming from another field where your labors were valued. You have a clear sense of the financial ruin you'll be facing if you keep this up!
    Shhh...this plays into the prejudices of art school where the ceramicists are looked down upon and considered the knuckle draggers. Yup, even in art school some disciplines rate dumber then others.

    What glaze did you use on the grassy area? Looks like tea green (sort of).

  3. Hmmm, I say this after you have a buyer.

  4. You are an artiste! It has no monetary value. Your talent can't be bought for mere dollars!

  5. PA, you are so nice to visit. I was just plain giddy this morning when I picked up the tile. I know it looks like a beginner tile, but it didn't look like crap, so I was thrilled. And Christopher, I'm honored you left a comment and will not hold you to this $175, but will take a glass of wine. Petrea, nor can yours. Good luck.

  6. I think it's a perfectly lovely tile and I would be very proud if I had created.

    Where did you take your class?

  7. Aren't you nice Susan. The class is at the art center on Baldwin in Sierra Madre. I love it -- it takes so much concentration nothing else exists in the world for three hours a week. I'm signing up for a fall class. Maybe I can get that tile price cut in half.

  8. That is just gorgeous. I love the colors and the treeeeee. A tree is fitting.

  9. CarN, this look fine or at least vidunderlig to me.

    Admittedly, what kinda xpert am I, anyway.

    cost of materials/labor/etc =$175? Tack on the profit margin of 100%, or whatever is appropriate for tile.

    You know tiles might be a nice decorative touch around doors...

  10. Ah thanks guys. I've calmed down now since an artist friend said I'd done a good job because the tile lays flat. Damned by faint praise. I don't care. Much.