Thursday, August 14, 2008

Would you like to swing on a star (or two)

So I went for a run, looking for the moon and jupiter. But the sky was cloudy, and I thought, oh well. But when I opened my door, one of the sweetest Ravel pieces was on the radio, and I understood the beauty of the clouds. Then I stepped outside and the clouds parted. (Of course, even leaning on the car couldn't give me a steady shot, but it's an impressionist night.)

Moon & Jupiter concept TM Petrea @ Pasadena Daily Photo. All rights reserved.


  1. Kb, you copied Petrea's Jupiter Moon post??
    Ooooh boy..
    She' has a big DO NOT COPY (that means her fellow bloggers) on top of her blog. She's gonna sue you 4 everything you've got! So, i hope you don't have anything of value.

    But, I think if you offer her a free tour of some kind she'll forgive you. She has a good, forgiving heart.

  2. Well thanks a lot, you didn't tell me about that rule. I can take Petrea to -- let me see -- Toad Hall in Altadena? That's where I'm going to move when I win big. At something.

  3. K, I'm sorry but you didn't ask!
    Maybe she won't ck over here today.

  4. I do like tours. What's Toad Hall?

    Hey, C.O., she credited me, that was nice. Anyway you can't copyright an idea. You can only copyright the post itself. So if Karin had copied my actual photo and my actual words, that would be stealing. But she made an impressionist post of her own. A nice one.

    I'd still like a free tour of Toad Hall, please.

  5. Whew, COLO scared me; I thought I was getting blacklisted after only 3 weeks. It was meant as an hommage -- like taking a picture of Monet's bridge. I'm going walking to Todd Hall this morning -- I'll post a couple of photos. Just a very sweet glen with old, beautifully kept cottages, and a river runs (trickles) through it. I think it would be such fun to give you a tour of some of the area and see what catches your eye.

  6. Thank you, I'll take a tour of that anytime.

    Hommage is a nice word, way too nice. Your post is your own, a lovely one. It's good to know your rights when you get into the world of publishing, which is what you're doing, I guess. An idea can't be copyrighted. Only the actual delivery of it (the photo itself, the words themselves) are protected by copyright.

    And just so you know, the act of putting those words and photos up on the blog creates the copyright. You don't have to apply to the library of congress. Your stuff is yours the moment you create it, and the law protects that.

  7. K, haha! I had an idea Petrea might have been an attorney in a past life! Known too many ex-attys who found their creative side.

    Thank God 4 free wi-fi. Almost as delightful as a free meal.

  8. I've never been an attorney. I've always been an artist.

  9. She sure fooled me.
    At least she can sound like an atty. Well, of course, P is an actress! Obviously, it worked on me!

    Wow, that's one of the longest lines I've seen for a movie here in Pasadena. We gotta get outta here -now - before all the good food is gone!