Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Idle

You know, or you probably don't, the last time I had a summer with absolutely no job requirements was when I was 13. Tennis was the main activity; I played with great ferocity and some talent in minor tournaments around the west. God, we'd bake on those courts -- the thought of a tall orange julius was sometimes the only way to pull through. And everyone had a pool, so I also spent summers with green hair. Blond-haired kids don't turn green in summer anymore -- they must have changed the chemical composition in the chlorine. Summer was really one long chemical bath, what with the pool and the stuff my dad was always spraying on the yard, and insect repellents in the house and on us. Well, that which doesn't kill you...


  1. I remember the green hair. When I was about thirteen, a lady in line behind me said something under her breath about "dyed blonde gone wrong." I wasn't sassy enough to turn and say, "Don't you know anything about chlorine?" So I just fumed.

  2. Remember how it looked kind of like a lime kool-aid rinse? And was kind of a badge of honor for a summer well spent.

  3. Lime kool-aid hair to go with my white-girl brown skin.