Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oot and Aboot

Had some organized site-seeing plans for this morning, but got distracted. Did visit the Path to Freedom house, which is becoming a big noise in the green movement. All the plants have edible components, and I believe the place is self-sustaining. (I could add another shot of my lasagna bed experiment, but will wait until I can put it in a less impressive context -- like maybe a series on used-car lots). Then I caught some beauty around Prospect Av in Pasadena. But what I was really drawn to today: two of the street corners where shootings occurred last week. I drive these streets all the time, because they're on my favorite route to the 110. Wish I knew how to crop a photo, because if you scroll to my rear-view mirror, look what you see.


  1. I love the Prospect Park area, around the Millard House! I've even developed a walking tour that I share with out-of-town guests, walking in front of Gamble House, Cole House (on Neighborhood Church property, where I used to have an office), all the lovely Green and Green houses in the Reservoir area (reservoir is long gone now), and on to Prospect Park. No traffic, no tourists, lovely and historic homes -- it's my favorite place to go for a walk!

  2. KB, i left u a reply 2 your comment on my site. Thank U.
    U might consider placing a few links on your blog.
    Croping: usually computers come with basic photo mgmt software which will allow you to do basic pic-editing. Ck yours.
    Cops: yeah, looks like maybe they're in your rear. If so, you weren't speedin were you...hohoho!

    Amy's - Ok. exact name? location?

  3. Timothy, may I please beg a tour with you?

    Cafe Observer: I told you about Amy's, too, wasn't that you? (Maybe it was Life Observer.:)) Karin has good taste. It's on the southeast corner of Altadena Drive and Lake Ave. Excellent breakfast and lunch. And I do mean excellent. Out of the ordinary.

    Karin, you might try Irfanview. It's a much simpler program than photoshop, a free download, easy to use. I use it. That's saying something.

  4. KB, yes if Petrea uses it then you'd better listen up! And, if I find out So Pas Laurie also uses it...well, then I'm drafted.

    Ok, I guess Petrea is telling me she's the 1 who 1st mentioned Amy's 2 me. I don't know how she could've told lifeobserver w/o also telling me!
    KB, she's unusually restrained in her recommend of Amys. But, of the 3 of us, she has actually been to it. So, what do u think if us 3 (watch this number climb) meet up 4 breakfast there?

  5. If you can get Timothy to meet us and take us on his tour afterward, I'm game. I'll even buy his meal.

  6. KB, like i said watch that # climb, in no time.
    P wants to add a scenic tour. Fine, if all our schedules can mesh. Just tell TR we're outta towners.

  7. We can totally do a gang tour -- I just have to take my two youngest with me, 'cause school's out. And I have to find my Robert Winter book on LA architecture to refresh my old memory. But yeah, I'm up for it. I got another two weeks to try and fill with activities to keep my sanity!

  8. OK, everyone who's interested in the tour and Amy's, take it over to my address (, I'll establish a gang list, and we can start planning!