Monday, August 11, 2008

My other horse is a car

Vandy is kind of a blur here, but well, she doesn't like to hold still. Even for the carrot I hold next to the camera. We've tolerated each other for twenty years, more consecutive years than I've ever known any other creature. But before I get too sentimental about all this, it should be admitted that Vandy has been like a bad husband. She has given me a concussion, broken my hand, fractured my shin bone -- and still I come crawling back. No, I mean it, crawling back. I became an expert in the "instant dismount," which is: She bucks me off, I'm dismounted.

Awwww, but we've had some good times too. Miles and miles of them.


  1. kb:, thanks & good work.

    That is a handsome (wait, he's a she, right?), I mean beautiful horse. And really doesn't look her age. Either that or you're a really good shutterbug.

    U 2 have had your battles, huh? Well, when you get 2 females together watch out!

  2. Growing up I kept a horse for ten years at the Arroyo Seco Stables (thats the stable you see from the Pasadena Freeway with the plastic horse on the roof). Her name was Nee Sha Sha (it's supposed to mean the white lady in Navajo: I have no proof of that claim). She too was the cause of great bodily harm (mostly others). Thank goodness our society was less litigious back then. She had a move that guaranteed you went airborne. She lived out her life in relative comfort in Sunland.

  3. Twenty years. What a beautiful relationship to have with an animal, even if it is contentious. I had horses in my youth--two of them, consecutively. Pandora from (my) age 8-12, when the vet finally said Pandora was too old to ride anymore. Out to pasture she went. Then Brandy (named him myself) until I was 16 and became more interested in real boys than equine ones.

  4. What a beaut. She's just stunning. I am smitten. SMITTEN!

  5. To keep a horse that long is pure devotion, pure love. I rode from ages 3-35, big horses, little horses, good and bad. No broken bones but lots of adventures. Many, many adventures.

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