Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Item 2,053 that I haven't done but plan to do

An essay on courtyards. Oh, I know, it has been done before, with beautiful photos of restored craftsman courtyard houses. But I have a secret weapon.

This little gem and a few others like it. Not a good photo, but here are six barely-surviving cottages on either side of a patch of dead grass. The sign, partially hidden, says "Property NOT FOR SALE. Do not call."

Well, ok, but this courtyard has been deserted and boarded up for more than five years. And it's near the corner of Fair Oaks and Woodbury, next to a gas station and a junk store. Across from a junkyard. Were there really so many calls that the owner, in utter exasperation, had to put up a sign? I mean, I'm kind of captivated by the place, but I'm weird.


  1. Thanks for reminding me to call again. I got distracted.

    I think some of us like mysteries, and ruins are always intriguing--it begs for a story.

  2. Boarded up shacks in a state of decay,.. oh my! This is just the perfect place to jump the wall and dig up the bulbs.

  3. It looks like it could be an experimental R & D place for sum headdress-wearing some locals.

    K, be careful where you explore!

  4. LO, As to career ops in hiking, PA and I thought there might be room in the rattlesnake venom milking biz. Ow.

  5. I begged them to sell. Begged and begged. They refused. Now they no longer take my calls. I'll be forced to purchase the two million dollar shack on Lake Avenue.

  6. I don't know Petrea -- maybe if you waved the checkbook in their face.