Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great bloggers in history

I wonder which great writers in English literature -- and I'll restrict it to writers of lit - would have made the great bloggers. And I toss this around in my mind mostly when I try to avoid washing my car or vacuuming. So anyway, I have my degree in English Lit, but did very poorly in the Beowulf through, uhm, 19th century. I perked up in the Dickens and romantic poet era (with one eye open during the Swift & Johnson period), but I'll throw out the romantic poets because they would have blogged, well, of course, just poetry. So anyway, Dickens is out, because he would have just been testing his fiction. So I'll fly into the 20th C and come to the obvious choice, Henry James (well, he straddled the century). But I'm going to nix him, because he would have had those long, long text posts, and it would have been about someone not quite him, but almost him, but read between the lines, and there would be sexual ambiguities tucked in amid the aphorisms and metaphors, and, well, no. And same with Fitz and Hem. The famous diarist Anais Nin? Ehhh, don't think so. I could see her blogs as pretty much self promotion and justification. But Henry Miller. Yes! Oh God, Henry Miller would have been the world's greatest blogger. He just tipped over his giant cauldron of words and ideas and thoughts and let the reader sift through it all to find what they would -- but certainly, one could always find humor and hunger and depression and beauty.

Ok, let me think about this some more while I vacuum.


  1. K, never seen rattler milk on sale (not even Whole Foods!) so I don't think there's any op there.
    But, if your altadena co-op ever gets outta the talking stage, then there might be an op for rattled milk.

    Why is it only English Lit? What bout Greek Lit, Russian Lit, Spanish Lit, Jewish Lit, Japanese Lit? & French Lit?

    I'm just askin.
    It must be a ranting day.

  2. And what about Latvian Lit? Uzbekistan Lit? I don't know, I see a very narrow picture.

  3. I think Dickens would have blogged, but there would have been lots of ads on his blog.